Heavy metal gentle detox

Rubbing the liver area in the front of the body, on the side and even on the back above the kidney with stinging nettle essential oil helps the liver release heavy metals.

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Blood pressure

I know it sounds simplistic but making sure you are hydrated, which it means drinking clean (no chlorine, fluoride, hormones, drugs, chemicals, bacteria) water that is available to your cells in the right quantity for your body, most of the time takes care of this challenge that so many of us are dealing with. There are few reasons (stress, blocked arteries etc ) that require more actions than just staying hydrated, but this helps tip tremendously.

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Pre-workout smoothie

Coming from Amber Bodily, Master FootZoner, Master Herbalist and triathlete and a triathlete coach in the past:

Pre-workout smoothie for energy, focus, and endurance boost:

2-3 cups fresh squeezed OJ, 1 tsp Spirulina, 2 tsp Barley grass JuicePowder, 1 banana, 2 tsp of Amla powder, 1/3 c organic hemp seeds. While drinking it, take 1 capsule of Methylfolate 5mg. This will help the body with metabolic exchanges and the body is working out. For flavor he can add some organic strawberries or mangoes.

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Parsley drink

My Foot Zoning instructor Amber Bodily created this blog on her website about kidney detox. At the end of this post you can find the link to her website for more amazing info. Since recommending this healthy remedy to many of my client I felt the need to have it on my website as well fro easier navigation for my clients. Enjoy!

“Is your body acidic?

When the body is acidic, it invites viruses and bacteria to grow. What creates acidity? Certain foods, environmental factors, and excess stress can be some of the main culprits. Your kidneys and lungs work hard to balance the pH in your body – but if they are overloaded or already having problems, this task can become more difficult. We can help our bodies become more alkaline by flushing out the kidneys and staying hydrated.

We’ve all been told to drink “8 glasses of water a day.” It’s so important for our bodies to stay hydrated, but with what? Here’s one of my family’s favorite recipes for enhancing your hydration and creating a healing, alkaline environment in your body.

THE “1-2-3 DRINK”

In our house, simple is best! We call this the “1-2-3 drink” so everyone can remember what is in it.


This underappreciated herb’s superpower is alkalizing the entire body. Parsley has amazing mineral salts that attach themselves to unnecessary acids in the body and flushes them out. If you are battling cancer or focusing on preventing it, parsley is the herb for you!

Needing more convincing of this fantastic herb? Parsley fights off bacteria, parasites, and fungi – which make it amazing for dental health. It can help conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, and dry mouth. Parsley has a natural chelation effect, pulling herbicides and pesticides (such as DDT) out of the body, making it an incredible detoxifier.

Parsley is packed with B vitamins, B12 coenzymes, and vitamins A, C, and K. It also contains a plethora of minerals and trace minerals such as magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, chromium, selenium, iodine, and calcium. Most of us are mineral deficient, so parsley is a marvelous way to get in those minerals your body desperately needs!


If you avoid honey because of “all the sugar,” fear not! This miraculous substance has the power to fight disease and bacteria; aid digestion, sleep, and cognition; strengthen the immune system; reduce throat irritation; stabilize blood pressure; calm nerves; relieve morning sickness; balance blood sugar; heal ulcers; purify the blood; fight off colds and flu; soothe sore throats and laryngitis; flush the kidneys – and more!

You will get the most benefits from raw organic honey, which means it has not been filtered, strained, or heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw honey provides far more benefits than regular honey as it is full of active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are vital for keeping the body healthy and for preventing illness and disease.


These citrus fruits hydrate the body on a deep, cellular level and provide the body with needed electrolytes from mineral & trace mineral salts. Need some vitamin C? Lemons and limes have some of the most bioavailable vitamin C, making them essential for a top-performing immune system. Worried about your calcium? Look no further. These sour fruits pack it in high amounts and in a way that your body easily absorbs. The phytochemical compounds in lemons and limes bind the vitamin C and calcium together in the body, making each more powerful and alkalizing – preventing the growth of any cancer. Lemons and limes have antioxidants and detoxifying properties that aid the body in fighting disease and flushing out toxins. Adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to water enlivens the water and makes it so much more potent for hydrating your body.

With these 3 powerful ingredients, you can deeply hydrate your body, replenish vitamins and minerals, and drive out disease and bacteria. Here’s our simple healing and hydrating recipe:



  • 1 bunch organic flat-leaf parsley
  • 2 tbsp raw organic honey*
  • Juice of 3 limes or lemons*
  • 5-6 cups water


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend for 1-2 minutes. Enjoy!

*Note: You can add more honey to make the taste sweeter, or more lime/lemon to make it more sour to your preference.”

Amber Bodily https://amberbodilyhealth.com/kidney-detox/

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Importance of colors for our hormonal balance

Do you you that you can help your hormonal glands wearing different colors in different days of the week?

Those colors are helping that particular gland every day but specially on the day in the chart when those glands are boss glands.

Here is a chart I did for my closet 🙂 to make my life easier:

glands closet chart

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Black radish remedy for cough and colds

Growing up in Romania, in communism, we had no heat in the apartments all winter long, even though the snow was even 3 feet high outside and the windows and doors were not air tight so sometimes the snow was inside as well. I know now it seems that this was in a different life time but that it was my reality for the first 20 years of my life.  In such hard conditions, of course we were getting sick sometimes and it was not easy to heal a cold or a cough. So we needed very strong remedies and the one I want to talk today is the black radish remedy with honey, very powerful when it came to intense colds and stubborn coughs. Blck radish


  • one large black radish
  • 2 teaspoons of honey



blck radish 2

Wash well the black radish, cut off  the top part, about a quarter down and keep the top because that will be the lid. Now scoop with a spoon to create a deep hole in the black radish, making sure that the bottom of the radish is intact. You practically make a bowl out of the radish. Put the radish bowl on a plate or a cup to be stable and out 2 teaspoons of raw local honey into the black radish bowl.  Cover the radish bowl with  the top of the radish/lid and let it sit at least 5 hours, ideally over night. The radish releases a juice full of amazing nutrients, minerals and vitamin C, that combined with the honey it does miracles for your throat. Use a tablespoon about 3 times a day, making sure you don’t eat or drink anything right after that to allow the juice to work its magic.

We, as children, loved the taste of it so I hope everyone will love the earth sweet flavor of it.

Many of us know the benefits of raw local honey but not many of us know how amazing is the black radish!

Black radish has many health benefits:

  • high in antioxidants, helps with colds, coughs, congestion and expectorant
  • Boost the liver function and health, helps the liver detox and supports the bile flow,
  • helps reduce anemia
  • helps with diabetes
  • Support the thyroid balance
  • support healthy levels of cholesterol
  • helps with healthy blood pressure levels
  • supports healthy digestion (including bloating and acidity)
  • anti-inflammatory
  • improves immune system
  • diuretic, helps bladder health and it helps with kidney and gallbladder stones
  • increases mental alertness and focus
  • helps the hair and scalp
  • improves skin health from inside out
  • reduce weight
  • contains Vitamin A, vitamin C, many of the vitamin B, (B9, folate, B6 etc), vitamin K, Vitamin E, minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium,  Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Phosphorus, Sulfur, flavonoids, anthocyanins,




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Enjoy Foot bath at home

There are some wellness centers around that are providing foot baths for detoxing and to help you feel better, but we not always have time to go to those places. Or we want to add our own essential oil to it, or we just want to enjoy it from the comfort and hygiene of our home.

Our feet are precious for many reasons. Not only that they are faithfully carrying us, but the our body posture and overall health depends on our feet. Energetically, our feet are sending in the environment (Earth) the message of our vibration and our mission, each step we take. Our feet help us ground and let go of unwanted energies. Since I started studying Foot Zonology,  I realized that one of the most important function of our feet is that each cell of our body, each system in our body, each gland and organ in our body have a signal in our feet. With the appropriate knowledge, we can understand from our feet more about our body’s health that using any other system of detection. Feet offers us one of the best way of gently detoxing from toxins, unwanted chemicals and heavy metals and here is where the foot baths are coming handy.

Below are few easy steps that will help you get started:

1: get a little plastic tub. I choose the one above because makes it more fun :). You can choose any tub that fits both feet and you can have warm water covering up your feet.


You can get creative and create a romantic relaxing atmosphere with crystals, Himalayan salt lamps or candles, soothing lights and music.

2: Fill up the plastic tub with pure filtered water (ideally no chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals) on the warm side because you want to open the pores. Add Epson Salts proportional with the amount of water, for the tub above a half of cup will do it. Quality Himalayan salts or sea salt can be used as well, for the benefit of having vital trace minerals.

3: Add essential oils according with the purpose of the foot bath:

  • heavy metal detox: 1-2 drops cilantro, cypress, frankincense
  • chemicals detox: 2-3 drops rosemary, fennel, Siberian fir
  • radiation, x-ray detox: black pepper, Saint John’s Wort
  • relaxation: few drops of lavender, chamomile, rose
  • antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic: eucalyptus, grapefruit (oil of self-care 🙂 )

Personally I like to put maximum 3-5 oils, and repeat 2-3 days later using other oils for different purpose. We don’t want to confuse the body with too many processes in the same time. And for me frankincense is always a must.

4: Enjoy treating your feet for 15-20 minutes in this nurturing and healthy bath. I like to pay attention of the sensation I have during the bath and or course how my feet feel after it. But you can read or meditate as well.

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Infinite money and time

Network marketing is one of the easiest environments, if not the easiest, where money and time are infinite. You can make as much money as you can allow yourself to receive and you can have as much time as you can allow yourself to have (other people’s time becomes lucrative for you). Why so few people are successful at it? Because we are unconsciously conditioned that time and money are finite resources and that results in sabotaging our well intended efforts. Once one can shift this unconscious conditioning, one can only experience infinite success in network marketing. So simple and so few people are doing it…

How to shift? Using Access Consciousness Bars, Biomimetic Mimicry and Energetic Facelift in conjunction with Tapping into Wealth seems successful for my clients.

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Raw milk miracle :)

“The amount of information available on raw  milk exceeds most attention spans. (…) Each item states facts about raw milk that do not hold true for typical pasteurized milk, at least not in substantial equal degrees.

1.  Raw milk is a complete and properly balanced food.  You could live on it exclusively if you had to.
2.  Raw milk contains all 20 amino acids necessary to produce the proteins that keep humans alive.
3.  Raw milk contains ample amounts of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose, or milk sugar.  This means that many lactose-intolerant people can enjoy raw milk without the unpleasant  consequences.
4.  Raw milk contains healthy, life-sustaining fats.
5.  Raw milk from grass-fed cows contains many times as much CLA, a fatty acid that appears to work wonders on the human body, as regular pasteurized milk.
6.  Raw milk contains every vitamin and mineral useful to humans.
7.  Raw milk contains over 60 known functional enzymes that perform a wide variety of important tasks  for the body.
8.  Raw milk contains healthy amounts of the protective/repair substance cholesterol.
9.  Raw milk contains several strains of healthy bacteria that really improve digestion.  Bacteria cultures added to raw milk make it  increasingly beneficial as it ferments into products like yogurt and kefir.
10.  Raw milk has a natural flavor and color that, once tried, is usually preferred.”


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We are all architects of our joy!

We are all architects. We design our life experience, through our vibration, consciously or unconsciously. The only area we have the power and duty to design is our vibration.

Therefore we have to constantly bring awareness to our vibration and consciously bring it to higher levels trough emotions like compassion, gratitude and love. The process is better when done slowly, step by step, (acknowledging and healing resistances and old hurts) in order for it to be sustainable.

For example, many people go to workshops and seminars and come back pumped, full of energy and in a high vibration. But in a matter of few days that state starts to fade away because it was not built on a strong and sustainable foundation. And they need another workshop and another seminar and so the roller-coaster starts.

How to build a reliable foundation? It is quite simple but requires determination and diligence. We need to step by step constantly heal and let go (in exactly this order) of any emotional blockages that are pulling us down on the vibration scale. Easy to say, isn’t? It is actually easy to do as well, but it requires not running away from emotional (and even physical) pain, which we are so trained to do. It requires going toward the painful emotion, acknowledging it, looking at it, feeling it and listening to its message. Only after this healing process is done for that emotion, then we can let go of it and create a sustainable and strong foundation for joy vibration. The good news is that, if we are healing emotions and not thoughts, there are not that many and we can feel a difference pretty fast. We have thousands of thoughts coming from one emotion. Trying to find and heal all those thoughts will never end.

After 10 years of experience, my own and with clients, this easy and available method yielded the most sustainable results for people who want to know what they are healing. Those who don’t need to know what they are healing, will get great results with Access Consciousness Bars!

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