Eliminating heavy metals process

This is a hot topic for many reasons, but the most important reason is that we all have them, some of us more, some of us less.

I was lucky enough to be pretty close to Cernobyl when the nuclear accident/disaster happened in 1986 in Ukraine that was part of Russia at that time. I was also at an age when heavy metal exposure was more detrimental, 15 years old. But the time we were 20, some of my friends had their hair completely white and many other health issues. For me scoliosis, some gray hair at 22 and thyroid issues were the most significant challenges. I say I was lucky because my inquiring mind transformed this accident into a gift, continuously learning how to recover my health in natural ways. The answer to man made challenges is in nature, in natural simple solutions.

Many health practitioners are working on this area of our health knowing that many of the imbalances we experience now in our society have root in the heave metal toxic load we all carry. There are many ways, some more aggressive, some more gentle. Personally I embrace the gentle ways with solutions that spare the liver and kidneys as much is possible from processing those toxins. The more we excrete those heavy metals through skin, feet and safer way for the liver, the better.

To be continued

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