TEN Fundamental Ways that PEMFs Helps/Support/Assists the Body to Heal Itself
Because PEMFs work at basic levels of the body, they can be used to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself any illness, imbalance or disease whether it be chronic OR acute.

1) [Increase life energy]Nerves and Nerve conductivity
2) [Production Energy] ATP and Mitochrondria/TMP/Energy/Enzyme Activity
3) [Improved Microcirculation] Heart/Circulation/Anti-coagulant Effects (blood thinning naturally)/Nitric Oxide/AntiEdema/Red Blood Cells/Oxygenation/Water. (transfer of nutrients and oxygen)
4) [Detoxification] Protection from environment. Elimination of waste, toxins and dead skin cells​
5) [Improved Immunity] Immunology, Antibacterial, Antibiotic and Antiviral, anticancer.
6) [Endorphins and Pain Relief and better mobility] Anti-Inflammatory/Pain
7) [Healing and Regeneration] Stem Cell Stimulation and Regeneration
8) [Stress Reduction, Anxiety & Depression] Psychological and Cognitive Function/Stress/Antispasm/Relaxation
9)[Better Sleep/Hormones] Circadian Rhythms/Better Sleep/Melatonin/HGH
10) PEMF makes everything you do work better!
10) BioRegulation and Cell to Cell Communcation
PLUS [PEMF Makes All the Elements Work Better] – PEMF is Truly Integrative Medicine​​​

** Also Bone Health and Converse Piezoelectric Effect

PEMF can improve liver, bowel, kidney and skin functioning the give energy to these organs of elimination so the body can achieve and maintain INTERNAL cleanliness.

Besides enhancing  Liver function, PEMF helps to open all the 4 main detoxfication pathways, the
Lungs – CO2
Skin – we lose several pounds of waste every day
Colon – Removes blocks, stimulates peristalsis.

Also enhances lymphatic circulation which is important because one of the roles of the lymph is acting as the body’s sewage system.

Compare with BEMER: