Face Zonology

FaceZonology is the study and science of the signals in the face.  These signals are connected to the limbic system, the brain, to the “mental” body and the Inner Blueprint.  There are four steps included in the FaceZonology session:  Face ZoneAnalysis, Face ZoneBalance, Face Tissue Rejuvenation and Aromatic Face Treatment.

Face ZoneAnalysis

During this step the Zonologist analyzes the imbalances in the “mental” body that are visible on the face. Our limbic system is our sensory system, and whatever we have seen, smelled, tasted, heard or touched has made an imprint in our “mental” body.  Over time, disharmony that we have been exposed to through our senses can cause disturbances in our mental body.  This can move us away from who we are truly meant to be.

Face ZoneBalance

This steps utilizes the signals on the face to balance and align the mental body.  This raises your awareness about your own beliefs and removes mental imbalances that are not in harmony with your true self and influences your life and health.  The mind and body are brought back to a state of self-correction that helps repair and rejuvenate the hormones and the inner organs.

Face Tissue Rejuvenation

This step:

  • increases blood circulation,
  • cleanses the tissue and the lymph system
  • balances and corrects the 31 spinal nerves and the autonomic nerve system
  • improves the metabolism of the body, improving the nutrient absorption
  • strengthen the muscles and the bone structure,
  • balances and rejuvenates the glandular system and the inner organs
  • it has a positive influence on the skin cells and muscles of the face, providing elasticity and firmness.
  • overall, it can create a healthy, youthful glow!

The Aromatic Face Treatment

Customized to each person’s needs, this step continues the process of balancing and rejuvenation, especially for the muscles, skin, inner organs and spinal nerves.

  • reduces scars and broken veins
  • improves health of the blood and balances the lymph circulation
  • balances the hormonal system
  • reduces inflammation
  • renews face cells
  • lessens the appearance of wrinkles
  • it helps a person to feel balanced, especially with depression and melancholy

Face Zonology also helps:

  • releasing limiting beliefs
  • integrating and using our innate gifts
  • bring harmony and peace
  • Improves mental function and reduces stress
  • Improves emotional balance and relaxation
  • Supports body’s detoxing process