Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in maintaining health and believe it or not, over 80% of Americans are deficient. In fact, Studies have shown that the overall population is experiencing a raise in blood pressure due to lack of magnesium. 😱

Magnesium is necessary to transfer energy from protein to allow the muscle to contract. Magnesium also helps keep blood pressure down.

It is magnesium with an ionic bond to water that makes for far superior absorption. 💯🙌 It is the Angstrom process that makes it different.

Cell ready

While all of these other forms of magnesium require digestion and thus the opportunity for magnesium overload, or DIARRHEA, 🤮our angstrom magnesium is absorbed sublingual and thus bypasses digestive tract issues. 💪

Any cell it touches can absorb it. Thus, it absorbs into every cell it touches.

Bio available

Several definitions exist for nutrient bio availability, but broadly it refers to the proportion of a nutrient that is absorbed from the diet and used for normal body functions.

HBN angstrom magnesium is 99.9% bio available (or pure elemental mineral). No fillers, colors, flavors or other absorption stopping ingredients.

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