How and where can I use Whole Body Vibration? Prices

Use WBV at Design Your Wellness studio in Los Gatos

After I had an amazing healing experience with the Whole Body Vibration machine my friend Terri Oberto has in Santa Cruz at Healthy Solutions 101, I decided that I have to find a way for many people to use this amazing machine for a daily or weekly routine.

I opened the first location in San Jose, CA, in March 2012. Starting with 10/9/2012, we moved to Los Gatos 🙂, serving all Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino, Mountain View, Los Altos, San Jose, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, Scott’s Valley people interested in being healthier and feeling their best. You find us at 200 San Mateo Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95030

First free 12 minutes session! Call now to schedule: (650) 248-0401


Regular Session (20 min )

  • $27 for a single session
  • $21 a session in a package of 10 sessions- SAVE $60, no expiration date
  • sliding scale available only on 10 session packages ( from $21 to $15/session, expiration date varies).
  • $120 weekly combo pass 5 whole body vibration + 5 Amethyst Infrared Therapy
  • Now you can purchase a single session ($27) or a 10 session package ($210 sliding scale to $160) online:

We want to encourage consistency because we know how effective is consistent action in attaining any goal. We want to be healthy? We need to eat healthy every day, isn’t? We need to sleep well and the right length of time every day. We need to hydrate our body every day, correct? So we created the package with 10 session at a discounted price and frequency discounts (weekly combo).

We are reintroducing the short 10/12 minute session (Noblerex/Zaaz) for very, very busy people (better short than nothing 🙂 ). Those will be available in the studio in a package of 10 session at the price of $12/session. If you desire to purchase a package online, the price is $130.

Do you want to use WBV at home?

Buying a Whole Body Vibration machine for your personal use at home is an option. I personally tried several models and brands for myself and my clients and I am sure I found the best on the market based on effectiveness, safety, service and price. I can help you choose the best one for your personal needs. You need to be as committed to use it as you are when coming to the studio and you need to make sure the floor you will have the machine on can tolerate the vibration. Contact me for a test and for info on how to buy it! (650) 248-0401