Experiences my clients had during my foot balance practicing on them required for the exam:

LM – San Jose, CA after my first foot zoning practice on her: “Good morning! I slept wonderful, finally after 2 weeks. I’m so happy. Thank you so much. I feel great.” LM, San Jose, after my first foot zoning practice on her.

Mrs P – San Jose, CA  4-24-18 first FootZonology session: After the session I was able to bend my toes without pain, I noticed right away my attitude was more upbeat , encouraged and I was able to start short walks again.

5-10-18 second FootZonology session: I was able to tolerate the position and length of the time for the zoning much easier. After the session i noticed my bladder leaks were much less – “so happy”. I also have more days that I’m not as tired.

5-29-18 third FootZonology session: Continued improvement with less bladder leakage. I had a bladder lift procedure at age 35 (now 75) which did not help. may be able to gpo without panty liner. “Wow”. My heart is not racing after stress or excitement like it was. I had had one whole week of my pain level much lower (was 3-5 pain level now only 2). I had 4 fractures of my spine 6 years a go so pain and immobility and energy very low since then. Since zoning I have more energy, less pain and more mobility along with all other noted improvements. “Wow”. My attitude is so much better with less mood swings. Friends and family have noticed. Wow again. Dentist mentioned today my gums look healthier.

Michelle – San Jose, CA “Ioana, I would like to share with you that I had one of the most profound spiritual experiences yesterday. I suddenly realize and understand how much God really love me. Before I always feel that God doesn’t really love me. I accept God love to my heart and feel more aligned. Thank you for your magic work! May I ask how much you charge for remote session? Would like to see if my parents would like sessions. Thank you again 🤗

Larry C – Cupertino, CA “Just had an amazing Foot Zoning session at Design Your Wellness Now Studio in Los Gatos. The experience involves having my feet zoned, thus the name. It took about an hour. I was in a reclined position as my feet were massaged, however not an ordinary massage but one that connected to precise regions in my body can be accessed through my feet. It was like having a massage all through the inside of my body. When I got done it felt like my body had a complete reset. I had more well being, more clarity and more focus.”

Felicia, San Jose, CA, right after she got up from the chair after the session : “OMG, I can move my back!!!”

R, Fresno, CA, two hours after her first foot zoning session with me: “Wow! the film that was on my left eye is gone! My eyes can see better. They feel like they are opened up. Feeling free of heaviness. My left knee feels much lighter, not so tight. Feeling happy 🙂 thank you so much.”

ML. Y., Fremont, CA Hi Ioana, wow, thank you so much for your help with my healing.  I was feeling very tired for the last couple of weeks.  I knew something is misaligned both physically and energetically.  I am so glad you offer sessions remotely.   I didn’t sleep well the night prior to the remote session.  So I took 2 naps during the day.  Upon waking up on the 2nd nap around 4 pm, I felt so much better as if I have gotten a reboot!  That’s about the time you did the remote Foot Zoning session for me. What I got from your session is way more than the session fee.  I used to wake up once or twice during the night.   I have slept very well and didn’t even wake up once last night.  I wake up feeling wonderful and now have so much more energy to think and to feel. Thank you again for your magic!  

ML, Irvine, CA Thank you so much for doing it so quickly.  I am not sure when you started.  I was grocery at Trader Joe’s around 2ish pm yesterday.  I somehow realized that what I am missing is gratitude.  I am living in such a nice city, I have the support and love from my parents and sister, I have a good life.  But I didn’t appreciate it.  Instead, I allowed myself to get into the mental place of worry, fear and doubt.  That’s definitely not the way to go. Starting last night, I am feeling more present and my heart is more open.  I have also slowed down and try to do only one task at a time. My skin condition is getting better.  It is still itchy, but definitely healing much faster. Thank you again for your amazing work!  ❤