Remote services

Thanks to the 2020 circumstances and exponentially expanding my abilities of working remotely, many of our services are available remotely with literally same (and sometimes even more) potency as the in person sessions.

Our services available remotely are:

Foot Zonology


  • “I slept really well on the night of the session. I also felt much lighter during this week. For sure a lot of energy has been moved. I am super grateful for you and your care of me & my family.” MY, Irvine, CA
  • “Mom has recovered from the back issue you worked on. Thank you so much. She seems to be in very good mood too” M, Hong Kong
  • “I felt the zoning yesterday.  I was in a very good mood after the session.  Almost didn’t want to go to sleep.Deeply appreciate your amazing work!”
  • “Thank you so much for doing it so quickly. I am not sure when you started.  I was grocery at Trader Joe’s around 2ish pm yesterday. I somehow realized that what I am missing is gratitude. I am living in such a nice city, I have the support and love from my parents and sister, I have a good life. But I didn’t appreciate it. Instead, I allowed myself to get into the mental place of worry, fear and doubt.  That’s definitely not the way to go. Starting last night, I am feeling more present and my heart is more open. I have also slowed down and try to do only one task at a time. My skin condition is getting better.  It is still itchy, but definitely healing much faster. Looking forward to hearing your insights and guidance from the foot zoning session.”
  • “Hi Ioana, wow, thank you so much for your help with my healing.  I was feeling very tired for the last couple of weeks.  I knew something is misaligned both physically and energetically.  I am so glad you offer sessions remotely. I didn’t sleep well the night prior to the remote session. So I took 2 naps during the day.  Upon waking up on the 2nd nap around 4 pm, I felt so much better as if I have gotten a reboot!  That’s about the time you did the remote Foot Zoning session for me. What I got from your session is way more than the session fee.  I used to wake up once or twice during the night. I have slept very well and didn’t even wake up once last night. I wake up feeling wonderful and now have so much more energy to think and to feel. Thank you again for your magic!”

The regular remote foot zoning session is done without talking on the phone or video call, to allow me to focus on the signals and findings. In the same time, this set up is allow me to perform the session at the time/day that is the most beneficial for your present situation. Ideally, during the session you are doing relaxing activities, but not required. Make sure you hydrate well and include highly nutritious food (wild blueberries, raspberries for example) in your diet. The session is unfolding over few days, but you may feel effects right away. We don’t need to talk unless you prefer a session that includes consultation. Also, if you prefer, I can send you a recording of the session. For more info about FootZonology visit here.

Price: $222 first session, $188/regular session, $222/session including consultation. Package of 5 regular sessions $777

Face Zonology

Similar recommendations like the Foot Zononology remote session. A recent face picture is helpful. For more info about Face Zonology visit here.

Price: $171/regular 50 min session, $222/session including consultation – 80 min. Pack 5 regular sessions $717

Hand Zonology

“I’ve experienced both an in-person and a remote hand zone with Ioana.  Each experience was AMAZING! I was a bit skeptical about how effective a remote treatment would be and was pleasantly surprised to find it just as powerful as an in-person session. Ioana is gifted, compassionate, and thorough. After my last remote treatment, I felt light, free and hopeful. I had been feeling stuck both mentally and physically (partially due to COVID and the CA fires), but something shifted inside of me after Ioana worked her magic. I also like that she pinpoints imbalances in my body and suggests specific foods, supplements, or essential oils to support my current issues.”, C. Los Gatos, CA

Price: $171/regular 50 min session, $222/session including consultation – 80 min. Pack 5 regular sessions $717

Wellness consultations session

We offer wellness consultations, that can range from physical wellness (diet, herbs, exercise routine, essential oils, environmental wellness), emotional wellness, energetic wellness, mental wellness and spiritual wellness, depending on urgent needs of our clients. For more info visit here.

Prices 30 min $80, 60 min $150, additional $2/min (6% extra if Paypal, not friends and family)

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I don’t diagnose, prescribe drugs, medication or surgery. Also more than one consultation may be needed for uncovering all aspects of the situation.

Residential and commercial real estate healing

For info about Real Estate healing visit here.

Price $150/h, $200 deposit is required to secure your session.