My experience is that IMRS2000 realigns the body with the heart, breath and vibration of the Earth that we lost connection and it helps our body to become more crystalline, operate on cleaner energy, which is helping us to be more peaceful, balanced and efficient.

I am very excited about this new addition to the services offered in the studio.

Better sleep, hormonal balance: “After only 3 uses my sleep patterned improved tremendously and sustainable, even if I don’t use it for a day I still sleep well. I noticed, after a week of daily use, improved hormonal balance and less aches and pains. I feel stronger and I am able to exercise more. I feel emotionally more stable. I am so happy!!!” Ioana G 🙂

Less anxiety, better sleep: After only one 40 min session “I have felt pretty calm all day. I slept from 9 pm until 3:30 am. A true miracle. Thank you so much” Sue H.

“I wanted to update you concerning the client I have with ALS. The iMRS2000 has helped her SO much!!! Her choking episodes have abated and she is eating regular food; even salads again. This is INCREDIBLE! In addition she uses the probe on her wrist and hand and the pain is gone after using it, as well as in her leg. Remember….this is the woman who was given months to live!” -Magnetic Resonance Stimulation by Carmichael #imrs2000 #pemf #pemftherapy #energymedicine #als #europe #endals #pain


8 min active ….. 20 min scheduled time ……. $30 – single session …….. $170 – 10 sessions

18 min active ….. 30 min scheduled time ……. $55 – single session …….. $350 – 10 sessions

40 min active ….. 60 min scheduled time ……. $99 – single session …….. $770 – 10 sessions

48 min active ….. 60 min scheduled time ……. $111-single session …….. $880 – 10 sessions

One can also enjoy the 10 session price by coming 3 times a week for an IMRS session.

For scheduling please text at 650 248 0401 with your name and area of concern.

Sessions available in Anthem AZ only