IMRS works not as a cure but as a helper, assistant and catalyst to stimulates the body’s innate intelligence.

PEMF main benefits:

  1. Eliminate Pain And inflammation Naturally
  2. Get deep, rejuvenating sleep
  3. Increase your energy and Vitality
  4. Feel Younger , Stronger and more flexible
  5. Keep your bones strong and healthy
  6. Help your body with healing and regeneration
  7. Improve circulation and heart health

IMRS 2000 is the safest, most powerful and most effective form of Low intensity PEMF therapy you can use, Earth based system.

  1.  IMRS uses proven Earth Based frequencies, covers 0-50 Hz, the most research proven frequencies in PEMF (Schumann resonance)
  2. Built-in circadian rhythm-clock (Beta frequencies in the morning
  3. Perfect intensity range – very low, down into the nano-tesla for sensitive people up to 300 micro-tesla for localized pain relief.
  4. IMRS uses a proven waveform – the sawtooth
  5. IRMS also uses a square wave which is very effective for regeneration of cells, studied with NASA
  6. IMRS give the purest high fidelity signal with the tightly cooper coils
  7. IMRS uses a graduated intensity aligned with the body needs and capacity to absorb frequencies
  8. IRMS has the best high quality local applicators
  9. IRMS has a biofeedback system to adjust based on what your body needs
  10. IMRS has an integrated light and sound system therapy that works synergistic with PEMF, helping us to be more balanced and peaceful and increase creativity and intelligence
  11. IMRS has a data base of 284 conditions
  12. IMRS switches polarity every 2 minutes to prevent habituation and plateau.
  13. IMRS has a plug that filters out the electrosmog
  14. Best training and support with overall wellness included
  15. IMRS is a established company since 1996, 3 years warranty
  16. IMRS has full compliance, FDA registration, Health Canadian approval, standards of quality for safe use
  17. IMRS has 3 published researched double-blind studies, hundreds of clinical case studies, over 1000 writing testimonial, hundred of video testimonials