• Face Zoning Balance regular Session  (50 min)               – $155
  • Flexible length session (billable on 15 min intervals)      – $150/h
  • Advantage package 5 sessions (50min)                            – $717
  • Children under 12                                                             – $111/session
  • Remote 50 min session (a recent picture is helpful)        – $155/session
  • Remote session with consultation (80 min)                     – $188/session

In my experience I noticed people having many questions and needing more guidance than can be provided in the regular 50 min session, which encouraged me to offer the flexible length sessions.

For the 50min remote session your time investment is just relaxing for about 50 min hour, and for the 80 min remote session your time investment is 30 min consultation plus relaxing for about 50 min. In case you don’t have time to relax and you have to go on with your day, the session will still be very powerful and effective.