Foot Zonology

Zone Balance

It makes sense to me to start this section with how I found the FootZonology and the impact it had in my life, for the people who have time to read it.

At the beginning of March 2018 I started studying an amazing and powerful balancing technique that helped me tremendously to bring my body back to it’s original balance.

I went to conventional doctors, functional nutrition doctor, acupuncture doctor and nobody could help me understand what is going in my body even though I invested a lot of time and blood to find out and of course money. Something was not right with my body and I heard all sorts of diagnosis and none seemed to be accurate since my symptoms were different but quite debilitating. And I was the one to help people get back to health!!!

When I finally found Amber Bodily with the help of one of my clients, at the beginning of 2017, finally everything made sense. In only 1 hour I found out what was the problem. In the same time, in the moment Amber touched my feet, I knew deep inside that I have to learn this amazing science. One year later, everything  got aligned for me to do it.  9 months of very intense and challenging study and practice, much more than I thought would be,  (it was harder than studying 6 years for my master in architecture!!!) but worth every second of effort. The reward of being able to help someone so deeply is beyond words. I am very excited about succeeding to pass all the exam and becoming Certified FootZonologist. A have a huge sense of accomplishment that I rarely had in the last 13 years since I came to US.

miracle baby feet

Every day of the FootZonology training I a was more and more  amazed about my teacher Master FootZonologist practitioner & instructor, Master Herbalist Amber Bodily, about her tenacity and determination in learning it, about her commitment to better health health and balance and about her bringing this powerful method in Bay Area. One of the requirements for passing the exams is to practice do 100 foot zoning. Initially one session was taking me more than 3 hours to complete it, and it didn’t feel quite easy. ! But the results I saw in the people I practiced on were beyond my dreams!!! Worth every moment of tiredness. I am now congratulating myself for listening to my intuition and enrolling and putting the enormous effort to finish the FootZonology training. My understanding about our bodies and how it is all balanced deepened tremendously, as well as my ability to help my clients,  my family and our beautiful Earth. The more we feel well and balanced, the happier and healthier the Earth is :).

Amber Bodily explaining Foot Zoning: