10 amazing Benefits from using the Whole Body Vibration oscillatory machine

1. Dramatically boost your energy.
Whole body vibration has been known to increase energy.

2. Increased flexibility, range of motion, balance, and mobility
The gentle rocking vibration of the TOS, is specially designed for flexibility, range of motion, balance, and mobility.

3.More toned, firm healthy body
With whole body vibration, hundreds of muscle contractions per minute create an invigorating workout designed to increase lean muscle mass and firm muscles to create an overall effect of a more toned, firm, and healthy body.

4. Dramatic weight loss, less cellulite, tighter&younger looking skin
Using the Whole Body Vibration Exercise to tone muscles and increase lymphatic drainage may help fight off cellulite, while the improved circulation induced during vibration therapy may be able to tighten the skin.

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5. Increased bone density
The increase in bone mineral density while using the Whole Body Vibration Exercise is a viable solution to prevent further bone loss and to help combat low bone density problems.

6. Cleanse toxic buildup & increase oxygenation in the blood.
The multiple muscle contractions per second create an increase in blood circulation and lymph system.

7. Reduced pain.
Increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, and increased muscle strength may reduce pain and stiffness and alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis and other pain.

8. Feeling of wellbeing, less stress.
Whole body vibration has been known to help facilitate natural hormones and nerve delivery substances, showing an increase in serotonin while decreasing cortisol, a hormone produced by stress. Elevated serotonin helps to create a feeling of wellbeing, while the decrease in cortisol may reduce “belly fat” caused by stress.

9. Working out involuntary muscles.
Great results with incontinence because is working muscles that you normally can’t work.

10. Neuromuscular re-education
Great results in situations like MS, CP, or after a stroke. Seeking advice from a physician familiar with whole body vibration exercise therapy is recommended.
Elevated levels of HGH (human growth hormone) have been indicated with the use of vibration therapy. These elevated levels have been shown to help the body heal and repair after injury or surgery.
The Whole Body Vibration Exercise may also help in treating athletic injuries, as well as providing a sports massage effect, due to the hormone secretion ratio that is involved with growth and recovery.

11. Pets health: Our fur friends love the Whole Body Vibration too 🙂

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