Back in 1995, Valery Polakov, Russian Cosmonaut and medical doctor, aboard the Mir Space Station set a world record for being in space for 438 days.

 At the same time, American astronauts Carl Walz and Dan Bursch could only stay in space for 196 days. They had to come down to Earth due to bone and muscle degeneration. What Russians knew and we didn’t it was the concept of Whole Body Vibration!

 Using Whole Body Vibration exercise Russia was able to dominate all sports since late 70’s. The Russian Space Program pioneered the science of Whole Body Vibration.

 Living in space with zero gravity causes bones and muscles to lose strength as there’s nothing to push against and the potential for blood clots increases too. The impact of zero gravity on the body and its consequences on bones and muscles can be so great that astronauts had to literally be carried out on stretchers upon returning to Earth.

In Russia’s quest for a solution to this problem, they created many devices to imitate gravity and found that Whole Body Vibration mimics gravity the best and has a profound impact on building and maintaining muscle and bone strength. The original unit that evolved from the Russian Space Program that gave Russian’s an edge was called the Galileo and it exceeded the expectations of their scientists.

Since the West found out about it, this training method became the exclusive domain of the rich and famous.  American sports teams, celebrities, CEO’s, and NASA start using The Whole Body Vibration exercise and benefited tremendously.

More companies came onto the market offering their version of Whole Body Vibration exercise machines. Lately, the costs came down and many companies started making these machines available to the general public.