How to prepare for the FaceZonology session

Prior to the session, please:

  • Come with clean face, no make-up.
  • Hair needs to be clean with no chemicals for the hair rejuvenation part (you can choose to skip it but it is very relaxing and beneficial for your health)
  • Wear no earrings in the ears or other parts of the face.
  • Wear a shirt or sweater with a low-neck line. No turtlenecks.
  • Make sure you hydrate well before the session.
  • Eat plenty of fresh berries and fresh greens.
  • Let the practitioner know about BOTOX, tooth infections and tooth inflammation

The session is about an hour long and includes 4 parts:

  1. FACE ZONE ANALYSIS: Looking at the face to see the imbalances in the body. From this analysis a personal oil blend will be made just for you.
  2. FACE ZONE BALANCE: Utilizing the signals on the face to correct, repair and rejuvenate the hormonal system, the inner organs, the lymph system and releasing mental imbalances.
  3. FACE TISSUE REJUVENATION: Increases circulation, cleansing the tissues and the lymph, helps the spinal nerves and the bone structure and assist in balancing the mental body.
  4. FACE AROMA THERAPY: Uses nourishing and essential oils to balance the muscles, lymph, skin, inner organs and nerves, to detox and rejuvenate the face and signal system to the body. If you are extra-sensitive to essential oils we can skip this step, but again is very beneficial.

Post session:

  • Make sure you hydrate well
  • Deep breathing throughout the day because the body needs oxygen
  • Take it easy the rest of the day, maybe a foot bath or soak in clean water with healing minerals.
  • Eat plenty of fresh berries and fresh greens.
  • Don’t use toxic skin care products after the FaceZonology session
  • Most of the time people feels very, very relaxed and refreshed in the same time after the session but very rarely some people may feel dizzy, light headed or tired after the zone because of the detoxing process and releasing mental blockages. Staying well hydrated and giving the body alive nutritious foods helps.

Disclamer: We don’t cure or diagnose medical diseases. This is a wellness treatment that brings the body back to balance and helps rejuvenating the face and the body.