Real estate healing

Energetically distressed Real Estate is very common and reduces property values significantly.  Besides reducing the property value, also disturbing is living or working in a building that is energetically distressed. There are many symptoms that can be experienced. Our entire life, including health, relationships and business/prosperity can be impacted. Some can experience, accidents, loss, anxiety and health problems. Lack of sleep is a very common symptom.

After using Feng-shui and Downsing (sometimes they don’t go deep enough to completely clear buildings and spaces from energetic distress and emotional trauma), I found Motoki “power based” form of cleansing that much more effective than other methods commonly used in the industry. But the time came to employ even more powerful ways of real estate energetic healing and drop all other methods.

What it is the process?

  • Assessment
  • Basic cleansing techniques
  • Advanced cleansing techniques
  • Setting intentions – reflective shields

What we clear:

  • energies and emotional imprints left by previous owners or occupants of a building
  • impact of Earth distress that can influence the health of the building (from water veins stress, to events that happened in that place to disturbances caused by natural earth structure)
  • impact of unhealthy spiritual presence

Why we clear:

  • to create a much healthier environment for our home or our business
  • to sell our home
  • real estate agents are also hiring me when their listing is not moving

What info is needed?

  • Sketches/floor plan for each floor (by hand and approximate is OK) with indication of room destination, windows, doors and major pieces of furniture (desk, bed) or appliances (kitchen, TV) are located
  • The full street address including city and state/province for map clearing and shielding
  • The first names of the people who live/work in the space. Please also identify who they are (mother, father, son, roommate)
  • How long you lived there
  • Anything you know about previous occupants
  • Approximately how old is the building
  • What is your experience since you moved in, any unusual experiences?
  • Anything else you think it is important or you want to focus the clearing on

How much it costs?

  • $200/h in person (not available at this time)
  • $150/h remotely
  • $200 deposit is required to secure your session

How long it takes?

  • Each situation is different, but roughly 1h could cover around 700-800 sq ft.

Each person’s experience is different, some people can feel deeply the shift as soon it happened, others can feel it in time.

I personally hired expensive professional help to clear my home because I experience a lot of health issues and a very cool feeling in the bedroom, I had really hard time sleeping and I was feeling very strange emotions (that I never felt before) as soon we moved in. Unfortunately the help was not very successful, so I started looking for what can do a even more powerful shift so I can enjoy my home.  That’s why I was guided to find the most effective ways, working directly with the one and only Healer. Instant huge huge difference. Sleep improved within a night, health issues vanished, the home felt warm and welcoming the first time since we moved in.

Some of our clients experience:

“I had many Foot and Face Zoning with Ioana, and I first handed experience her wonderful intuition and healing gifts. When I heard that she offered “House Blessings”, I was very intrigued. I had a rental property that I needed to find tenants during winter, which historically is a slow rental season. Since I lived in another county, I would like to rent out the property as easy as possible. After Ioana blessed my house (which involved talking to my house, cleared energy, etc.), I received application the next day after I posted my rental advertisement online! These applicants hadn’t even seen the actual house but they liked it already! They signed a lease and moved in with ease. I am still beyond amazed with how effortlessly the process had been. I am very grateful to find such nice tenants, and I believe that it is due to the House Blessings services. I would highly recommended it!”
~ Michelle Y, Real Estate Broker
“After my home healing with Ioana, my lower back pain was gone and I felt peaceful and with more energy. I am so happy I decided to do it.”
L, San Jose.