Whole Body Vibration

 Whole Body Vibration T.O.S

Developed for the Russian Cosmonauts in an effort to combat muscle atrophy, bone density loss, and blood clotting during extended periods of exposure to zero gravity, the concept of Whole Body Vibration is now used by celebrities, health clubs, well known athletes and sport teams, clinics and rehab centers, NASA and many universities to increase the physical abilities and health condition of  many people around the world.

Decades of research and endorsements indicate that this innovative machine produces effective results. The motion of the vibration platform causes the brain to tell the muscles to actively contract to maintain equilibrium.

You are probably asking yourself: Yes, but how that can help me?

Scientists first discovered the positive effects that vibration technology had on strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, and improving bone density, further research indicated that vibration therapy may provide many other benefits in a variety of areas.

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