Amethyst infrared

Amethyst & Tourmaline infrared biomat

Unlike topical treatments that don’t address the root of the problem, the Biomat is capable of stimulating the cells of your nervous and musculoskeletal systems, achieving phenomenal results.
In fact, your body absorbs far infrared rays to a depth of as much as six  inches!
Clinical research shows that this technology stimulates improvements in a range of areas,
including musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health, more efficient body detoxification,
immune system resilience, improved sleep, increased energy and more.
Amethyst Biomat users reinforce these findings, reporting tremendous gains:

“I’m much more energetic and active now.”
“The Richway BioMat helped stop my arthritis flare. Truly remarkable!”
“My Mini BioMat has markedly improved my quality of life.”
“The aches and pains with years of fibromyalgia are fading away.”
“I am now off of pain killers for the first time in 30 years.”

The technology at the core of all Biomat products has been clinically proven to address a wide range of common health and wellness issues, including stress, insomnia, tissue damage, post-surgical healing and scar reduction, joint and muscle soreness, chronic neck and back pain, toxic deposits and oxidation levels, inflammation and arthritis, and circulatory issues.

This powerful technology is absolutely safe to use by health and medical practitioners and
ordinary consumers alike, and is now used by tens of thousands worldwide. It has undergone the most stringent testing in Asia, Europe and North America, and has been found to be safe and effective for domestic and clinical use and highly effective when used for pain reduction, increased mobility, disease prevention, and total mind and body relaxation.

Whether you seek soothing relief from chronic pain, prevention of disease and degeneration, or enhancement of your relaxation and meditation activities, the Richway Biomat can take your physical and mental well-being to the next level. We invite you to use this life-changing technology and learn how it can change your health and well-being in profound ways.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Bio-Mat is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Biomat only claims the statements stated in the 510K of the US FDA.

The human body has self-healing systems with a strong immune system.
The Biomat works as a supportive function in this self-healing process.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.  This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.


Biomat products provides great health benefits to absolutely anyone. Whether you need to release stress,  detoxify your body or you have health issues, simply lying on the Biomat promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body.

Benefits of the Biomat:

1. Reduces stress and fatigue

2. Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation

3. Improves sleep patterns

4. Reduces inflammation

5. Eases joint pain, muscle pain and stiffness in lower back, neck and shoulders

6. Provides warm, soothing relief from nerve pain, joints, arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis

7. Eliminates toxins in the body, helps with chelation of heavy metals

8. Alleviates migraines and tension headaches

9. Reduces allergy symptoms

10. Improves immune system function

11. Improves cardiovascular health and blood circulation

12. Reduces body fat and helps with weight management

13. Improves muscle tone and skin quality

14. Improves body’s natural metabolism

15. Helps with killing of many pathogens: bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites

* Faster, effective, profound  results
* Effortless, just lay down and relax on the mat
* Easy to use, you can even use it even with the street clothes
* Feels great while it delivers deep healing.
* 80 times more effective than the infrared sauna without the inconveniences of the infrared sauna (no shower required afterwards, no uncomfortable sitting in a box sweating, no claustrophobia)

Supports Core Body Temperature
There are over 75,000 types of enzymes that run our bodies and digest our food.
But those chemical processes have a speed limit – the temperature of our body.
If our temperature is too low, our enzymes are inhibited, and cannot do their job.
The Biomat increases core body temperature for many hours after a good session.

Relieves Stress, Improves Mood, Promotes Relaxation
The Biomat is a very powerful tool when combined with meditation and deep relaxation.
Many people wear headphones with ambient music to help clear their minds and create a
more soothing experience. The goal is to open up healthy mind-body pathways. Reducing
stress hormones like cortisol can lead to a cascade of other beneficial effects.

Heals Soft Tissue
For brand new injuries, ice is the best treatment. However, for existing injuries, and chronic inflammation, heat is the best treatment. The Biomat is uniquely effective because it penetrates deeply and evenly to deliver heat right at the injury site, rather than on the skin.

Relieves Pain
The brain can only accept so many signals at the same time. So, if we activate enough heat
receptors in our body, their signals to the brain begin to crowd out the pain signals. This is
known as the “gate” effect, because not everything can make it through the brain’s gate at the same time.

Improves Circulation
Using the Biomat expands and relaxes the capillaries, because they attempt to shed excess
heat through the skin. This lowers blood pressure, and makes more nutrients and oxygen
available to cells.

Improves Skin
Sweating purges clogged pores of deeply embedded impurities and dead skin cells leaving
you with glowing skin. An increase in blood circulation encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to your skin and helps relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, and burns. Rinsing off after using the mat will enhance this benefit.

Increases Metabolism, Detoxification
At the medium and high settings, the Biomat can begin to produce higher body temperatures, better circulation, and more oxygen-rich blood. This all translates into a faster pace of cellular activity which speeds up tissue repair, immune response, and detoxification. Far infrared heat speeds cellular metabolic rates by stimulating the activity of mitochondria, and triggering enzyme activity, therefore promoting the killing of many pathogens: bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. FIR energy strengthens the immune system by stimulating increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus gland.

The BioMat increases circulation and stimulates the sweat glands by raising body temperature, helping the body release toxins and waste materials, including heavy metals, cholesterol and more – all of this improves the immune system and helps you feel better and live healthier.

The BioMat is FDA Registered Class II Medical Device and has passed rigorous safety testing in order to be approved for use in hospitals, clinics and also in home use. The Biomat is very easy to use and you can customize the settings to your detox needs and your schedule.

Simply by resting on the BioMat for a short session of between 15 and 45 minutes, you can dramatically increase your body’s natural detox capabilities and benefit from a wide range of health benefits.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Bio-Mat is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Biomat only claims the statements stated in the 510K of the US FDA.
The human body has self-healing systems with a strong immune system. The Biomat works as a supportive function in this self-healing process.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.

How it works

The Biomat has three primary therapeutic components, each of which contributes to the effectiveness of the product. These therapeutic components are:
* The generation of Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
* The generation of Negative Ions
* Focusing this energy through a matrix of Amethyst Crystal

splash-02Infrared therapy, using the deep penetration power of Far Infrared Rays (6-12 microns length wave) is the process of warming the body from the inside out. When the human body’s core temperature is raised by just one degree, the immune system is strengthened by 40%. Most diseases are triggered by low body temperature. Our body’s vital organs work best when they are warmer rather than colder. Far infrared rays from the Mini Biomat penetrate our bodies, detoxifying the body and increasing blood circulation (another cause of disease), better digestion (yet another cause) and the result is more energy, less sickness and better health. Biomats are proven generators of FIR and can improve health in only few uses.

What is Far Infrared Therapy and what does it do? Far Infrared Rays are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, when they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature (107.6F/42C and above enables destruction of cancer cells and activate major bodily functions.

History: Our bodies radiate far infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns, with most output at 9.4 microns. Our palms emit FIR energy also, between 8 and 14 microns. ‘Palm Healing’, an ancient tradition in China, has used the healing properties of far infrared rays for 3,000 years. These natural healers emit energy and heat radiating from their hands to heal, much the same as Reiki healers do. Current research conducted in Taiwan has measured significant far infrared energy emitted from the hands of Chi Gong masters. Yogis in India also employ palm healing and recommend it especially for relieving eye strain. Thermal therapy has in fact been in existence for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Finns, the Romans, the ancient Chinese and the American Indians.

Sunshine: Since ancient times, people have believed that exposure to sunshine can maintain and even enhance health. Sun therapy is a form of natural Far Infrared Rays thermal therapy. However, sunbathing should only be enjoyed in moderation since sunlight contains ultra-violet  rays which are potentially damaging. Far Infrared Therapy
Nerve Repair: 

Cardiovascular, autoimmune:

Improved blood flow, vascular health:

Kidneys, function of arteriovenous fistula:
"Our recent study also demonstrated that far-infrared therapy, 
a noninvasive and convenient therapeutic modality, can improve 
access flow, inflammatory status and survival of the AVF in HD 
patients through both its thermal and non-thermal (endothelial-
improving, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, antioxidative) 
effects by upregulating NF-E2-related factor-2-dependent HO-1 
expression, leading to the inhibition of expression of E-selectin, 
vascular cell adhesion molecule-1, and intercellular adhesion 

Vascular endothelial inflammation

Allergic rhinitis:

splash-06Negative Ions are negatively charged atoms in the air around you. We breathe in these negative ions and they act as a powerful antioxidant. The more negative ions in the air around you, the more healthy the air is. Nature and water create these ions and so you smell them when you are in the mountains or near a river or ocean. They are that “fresh air” smell you encounter in these places. These atoms replace the pollutants and toxins in the air thus making it healthier. Biomats emit negative ions into the air around you while you use it, making your healing environment more complete. Biomats emit negative ions on every setting. The negative ions stimulate all of the cell membranes of the body causing their ion channels to become active. This helps to alkalize all cells by removing cellular waste and toxins. Negative Ions also convert cells from “Fight or Flight” (Stress) mode, to Reproductive, Normal Functioning (Happy) Mode causing a sense of Deep Relaxation in the mind and body. Just as negative ions clean our air, they also clean out our cells.

Why is Negative Electric Potential or Negative Ions Important? Our bodies are complex structures with our very basic structure being our cells. Cells create the basic structure and function of all living things and have been known for years to be life’s building blocks! Every living creature is only as strong or as healthy as their cells and all cells require energy to exist! Cells can not take in nutrients and get rid of wastes without a steady supply of energy! Each cell membrane in our body has a negative electric potential of 30-50 millivoltages. When we talk about the electric potential of a cell we are referring to the difference in electric potential between the interior of our cell as compared to the exterior of our cell. Healthy cells have a negative electric potential inside their membrane compared to a more positive electric potential outside of their cell membrane. This difference between positive and negative potential is what allows our cells to functions properly. So if you consider how many cells we have, which is approximately six trillion, the total electrical potential of the whole body is a very considerably large number!

When we are young, our negative potential energy is approximately 70-90 millivolts. When we become sick or tired, our negative potential energy becomes lower then 60 millivolts. As we age, our negative potential energy decreases and this reduction may and often does cause illnesses. When our negative potential energy hits zero, we are no longer living. For this reason, it is necessary to increase our electrical potential to increase our health. Living in today’s environment, under chronic stress, fighting off viruses, bacteria, and aging, the Biomat is the answer to give us the energy we need to stay healthy! It energizes our body by giving our cells negative potential energy. This energy helps to activate our cells and to improve our main body’s functions systems.

It is said that about 80% of illnesses that exist in the human body stem from the circulatory system. A Cardiology Specialist from the United States (W. Casteli) says: “Good maintenance of the heart and the circulatory system can prolong life.”

Negative Potential Energy is also needed to increases the permeability of cell membranes and enhances the composition of ATP (adenosine triphosphate energy – energy carrying molecules found in the cells of all living things). It is the enzyme of ATP that is responsible for transporting chemical energy within our cells for our metabolism. Our bodies prefer ATP for energy over any other form of energy including Fat!

“When someone dies in a hospital and they give them those two paddles, they are actually giving them a high voltage of negative potential energy which jump starts every cell in their body. ”

The Difference between Negative and Positive Potential Energy: A cell with too much positive potential energy around the cell membrane is not able to absorb or take in nutrients, oxygen and water and get rid of wastes and carbon dioxide. The elevation of positive potential energy results in the cell receiving too much sodium and hydrogen. When the negative electric potential inside the cell is greater than the positive potential outside the cell, nutrients are easily taken into the cell and wastes are easily sent out of the cell. The ease of this exchange is largely due to the continual exchange of sodium and potassium from inside the cell to outside of the cell opening up the cells membrane.

splash-04Amethyst crystals have been known to be the strongest radiator for  infrared and negative ions naturally. Infrared rays are radiated (travel without the use of air) into the body up to six inches, thus reaching all cells including blood vessel, lymph glands, nerves and organs in the deepest parts of your body, not just the outer layers of muscles of your body. As the waves are absorbed by the body, it causes vibrations that your cells react to in a positive way. When a cell starts to vibrate, it’s function speeds up which improves your immune system. In this case the Amethyst crystal is not only used to focus the FIR energy of the Biomat but also helps to calm and protect the mind and nervous system. It has been used for thousands of years as a tranquilizer to help with tooth pain, headaches, arthritis.

This combination of therapy using FIR and Negative Ions traveling through a matrix of amethyst crystal delivers healing frequencies to the body creating a unique method of accelerated cellular regeneration which aids in many different modalities of healing.
These therapeutic components of the Biomat works to remove blockages creating better communication between the brain, the autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems and all organs of the body to balance and stabilize the bodies systems and strengthen the body’s own self-healing power.

How to use the Biomat
The Biomat is designed for Health & Therapy and it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to achieve and maintain good health. Most benefits for good health are achieved with just 20 – 30 minutes of use per day, at least 3 times per week. For more intense results it can be used longer time. To ensure a very pleasant experience, the duration and temperature of the BioMat session should be customized to your body health actual state.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Biomat is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Biomat only claims the statements stated in the 510K of the US FDA.
The human body has self-healing systems with a strong immune system. The Biomat works as a supportive function in this self-healing process.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.

Temperature settings and benefits

* POWER ON:  Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystal energy only
* Mood enhancement, mental alertness and mental stimulation
* General detoxification
* 104F – 113F = GENTLE, HEALING WARMTH -Low far infrared, Negative Ions & Amethyst energy
* Regenerative all night sleep
* Gentle boost to immune system
* First aid for relief of wounds, digestive problems, headaches and stress
* Mild detox and recovery
* Cellular renewal and clears energy blockages
* Relieves chronic symptoms (migraine reduction or elimination)
* Uplifts and revitalizes body, mind, spirit
This setting has a cooling effect on body temperature, so these settings can be refreshing and energizing.
Best for beginning for those with pacemaker, heart condition, or sensitivity to detoxification.
* 122F = DYNAMIC SUBTLE, WARMTH – Cycles of 20 minutes to max 2 hours
* Gentle stress relief and Muscle relaxation and recovery
* Cardiovascular and respiratory rate reduction
* Blood pressure regulation
* Hormone balancing
* Companion for flexibility training, physical therapies + rehab
* Speeds sports, muscle + injury recovery and healing
* Great “warm-up” prior to yoga, performance and athletic activities.
* May stabilize blood sugar + glandular functions
* Relieve allergy + asthma + promotes respiratory health
* 131-140F = DEEP PENETRATING WARMTH – 20 to 90 min.
* Joint, muscle and fatigue relief
* Profound relaxation
* Enhances meditation
* Encourages better circulation,
* Encourages Hormonal balance + sexual vitality
* Promotes soothing comfort, pain relief
* Unwinds chronic stress, tension + anxiety
* Relieves insomnia + physio-emotional trauma
* 149-158F = MAXIMUM SAUNA THERAPY ~ DEEP HEAT Best used for 20 to max 60 minute.
* Sauna level cleansing, deep purification and maximum detoxification.
* Relieving pain, stress, jet lag, hangover, low immunity conditions (flu & colds), frostbite & winter chills.
* Detoxifying for toxic, viral, cystic, acidic + endemic conditions
* Improves skin tone
* Setting used by Japanese cancer clinic
* Restorative support for metabolic, organ + nerve functions
* Accelerates fat + cellulite-burning and natural weight loss
* Supports all-around immunity, prevention + regeneration
* Sanitizes and purifies air, bedding and environments

Allow 20 minutes for the Biomat to heat up to the higher-heat settings. Drink plenty of water!

NOTE: The BioMat temperature recommendations are guidelines only.  Individual tolerances and preferences will vary.  Use these guidelines as a starting point, and adjust your personalized treatments based on your own best results.  For medical advice, please consult your primary health care provider.
Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Bio-Mat is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Biomat only claims the statements stated in the 510K of the US FDA.
The human body has self-healing systems with a strong immune system. The Biomat works as a supportive function in this self-healing process.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.


Knee pain
My name is Edgar Louis and I am a certified hypnotherapist helping people with smoking cessation. I meet with Ioana at Design Your Wellness Studio to find out more about how she is helping people and see her studio. She suggested trying the Amethyst Infrared Therapy for my knee that was bothering me. I have an old war injury that was bothering me for years. I got on the chair with the Amethyst Biomat and I felt the pleasant warmth coming from the crystals. When I got up, 25 minutes later, my pain was gone and I felt quite good. That was a surprise; I could not expect such an immediate response. I will definitely do it again to see what else improves. More people need to know about this! Edgar, San Jose, CA

Just got tested for Bartinella (lyme) and I’m completely clear…not even a footprint of the infection…I’ve had the Biomat for about a month…I’ve had lyme for like 15 years and now I’m finally rid of it… Thanks SO MUCH! For those of you who have the lyme infection or one of its myriad forms, please do not hesitate buying a Biomat. Being sick is no fun and this can really make the difference big time! Peter Krauss

Chronic knee pain
My mother Alice says that with the biomat she’ll be pretty close to Wonderland. She sleeps each night on the mini, and her testimony is that at home without it she had to lie in just one position in bed because of severe, chronic knee pain. After one night on the biomat here, the knees were pain free–Hallelujah! Of course I can’t take the biomat away from her–without buying one and having it sent her way. Alice Salyer

“The Biomat has changed my Life” – circulation and blood pressure
I dedicated myself to quiet, stress free, power naps, laying on the Biomat while the Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions detoxed my cells and improved the circulation in my body. My blood pressure is now back to normal and I can once again return to my busy day to day life without fear for my health.

Deep relaxation
This is the best shavasana or deep relaxation that I have ever experienced and is well worth the investment! You will melt into the experience of deep natural healing and emerge renewed. Highly recommended.
Shiva Rea, M.A

Hip Arthritis, Blood pressure, Stress
We had just purchased an Infrared Sauna. My fiancé felt that my massive hip arthritis was due to very high toxicity levels in my body and she was right. I was taking over 100 Ibuprofens a week to eliminate pain in my arthritic hips. After sitting in the Infrared Sauna and sweating for endless hours, boredom set in. It was impossible to get comfortable sitting in the box. Around that time my fiancé received a Biomat Brochure in with a Christmas Card. We interpreted that the Biomat was a Portable Infrared Sauna that could be folded up and stored when not in use. In fact it became much much more. After using the Biomat for three weeks consistently my hip pain dissipated and I was able to get off of the Ibuprofen totally. Also, my blood pressure became reduced and my stress levels went down considerably. I thank Richway and the Biomat Company for making the Biomat and integral part of my life.

“A Triathlete” I have been an aspiring Iron Man contender but never seemed to get over the hump. After training and competition I would be wiped out for days and always would second guess whether I would ever complete one. After purchasing my Biomat I was able to rid my body of all of that lactic acid buildup and be on my way to training the next day. Thank you Biomat.

Insomnia, Pain reduction
Hello, my name is Trish Cobb and I’m from Olde Town, Florida. I learned about the Biomat from Marilyn, my massage therapist. I’ve been seeing her for my back and neck pain and my general insomnia due to pain and stress. On a treatment visit I discovered something different about her massage. I asked her what was different and she mention she was now treating her patients on the Biomat. I asked her all about it and she offered a demo for a week. After one week my insomnia was gone and I was able to sleep all through the night. I also noted a sharp reduction in pain. I purchased the Biomat right away. After six months I’m sleeping deeply throughout the night and can swear the bone spurs have disappeared from my neck. Before the Biomat I couldn’t look straight up at the ceiling from a standing position. Now, I can look straight up, pain free. Thank you Marilyn and the Biomat.

Improved neck
“After a whiplash injury 15 years ago, I had a herniated disc in my neck. My arms would go numb every night to the point where I had to sit up vertically for 30 minutes to get the circulation back.  Sometimes this was 3 times a night.  Using my Biomat pillow while lying on my Biomat, my neck gradually improved to where this no longer happens at all. My doctor concurs that my neck is healed.”

Kidney Malfunction Helped
“I’m 62 years old. My experience using the Biomat is as follows. My kidney was malfunctioning and I was unable to stand up for one week. That’s when my friend invited me to try the Biomat. The first 4 days I didn’t feel a difference, but by the 5th day, I was able to get up and walk by myself. Then I decided to buy one. Now, my kidney is in good shape. Also, the gas pain that bothered me for 15 years disappeared, too. Six specialists from Stanford Hospital, couldn’t cure my gas pain, but the Biomat did. Now, there is no more abdominal pain.“ Marina, California

Fast recovery after training
“Hey Steve! I am so in love with the biomat because it gives my whole body a source of energized heat, that is much needed after coming down from cold, snowy mountain tops. I feel like my muscles relax so quickly that I wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and re-focused for a day of training, competing, or traveling. There is nothing in the world like it, and the benefits seem to be huge. Hannah Teter Silver Medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe 2010 Vancouver, Canada Olympic Games (ed. 2/10)
Gold Medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe 2006 Torino, Italy Olympic Games October, 2009

Recovery after chemotherapy
“Hi Steve, I am noticing huge changes. I am fighting cancer and it helps me recover from chemo much quicker. I also sleep better, and have more energy upon waking. The mat is worth its weight in gold. My husband is also waking up refreshed and has more energy. Thanks,” Tammy Jacksonville, FL February, 2007

Pain, allergies, blood pressure
“My name is Gary, and I am an engineer working in Silicon Valley. At this time, I would like to share some personal benefits regarding my experiences with the use of the Biomat. I feel that my health and life-style is normal for a 59 year old male, who is a smoker, and a non-exerciser. Therefore, my experiences and observations may be similar to those who may fit this profile.
Improvements to my health over this past year are:
Tight knot in middle of back between shoulder blades disappeared after 30 minutes on the mat using a temperature of 70 degrees C. Lower back pain disappeared after sleeping on the mat for three nights, mat temperature at 45 degrees C. Severe neck pain due to stiff neck eliminated after sleeping on the mat and using the Pillow for 7 nights. A foot fungus that has persisted for 8 years disappeared. Biannual allergy (resulting in red blotches on my neck) started to appear, but disappeared without a trace within 2 days.
No longer need to urinate 3 – 4 times in the middle of the night. Cramps in both hands from manual labor have disappeared. Gum problem, which exposed the tooth root healed, surgery canceled. Blood pressure improvement, systolic from 154 to 137, diastolic from 93 to 88. Playing recreational sports results in no stiffness or soreness the next day.
Many of you may not have the minor adult ailments which have bothered me over the years, or perhaps you have more serious issues to deal with. In either case, it is a priceless feeling to experience an improvement to your health, and that is basically why I wanted to share my findings with you.“Gary “Silicon Valley,” California

Endurance, improved performance
“Hi Steve, As a professional athlete, I am always looking for ways to recover quicker and improve my performance.  The bio-mat has allowed me to relax after cold days of training and has given me the ability to tap into endurance I never knew I had.  I know that the bio-mat will be my secret weapon in my quest to be the World Champion!” Willow Koerber 2010 World Champion, 2009 Bronze Medalist UCI Cross Country Mountain Bike World Championships February, 2010

Aches, detox
“My Bio Mat is wonderful. Yes I have noticed a big difference. Less aches in body & lots of detoxification. I am addicted to it.” Joyce J.,January, 2008

Pain, sleep
“That how I feel about the biomat.  It works for me.  My left knee is pain free and I don’t limp.  My lower back feels A LOT better.  I sleep better.  It continues to work very well for me.  If I don’t use it, the pain returns.  Enough said.” Mark F. December, 2009

Flu, pain
“We are loving our Biomat! Thanks for the site information. The day we got the mat and I lay on it, my flu/cough started to heal. I felt my lungs get really warm, and felt better for the first time in a couple of weeks. Am not usually ill, but this was a bad flu. Bill’s and my aches and pains are already much relieved. A couple of my clients have tried it and loved it.
We are very happy we bought it.” Bill and Jan Big Sur, CA May 2007

Pain, relaxation, meditation
“Steve, I’ve had my full sized bio mat for several years now. I use it 2-3 times a week.
It was the only thing that stopped the terrible pain after I broke multiple vertebrae in a car accident. So grateful for it. Also the perfect place for me to meditate…such serenity wrapped in that heat and energy.”
Gloria D. December, 2008

“Steve, I love it, I am sleeping so much better and feel so wonderful and peaceful after I get off the mat. I have not got on the Getting Started info, I will. This is an incredible product. It has also helped me in my meditation, I do not know how to put it into words but what I feel is so different, this affects me the entire day in a very positive manner. Everyone Should Own One!!! Thank-you,” Cheryl G. Princeton, MA April, 2010

Cholesterol, asthma
“My name is Joe, and my wife’s name is Angie. We are both retired. I am retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years, and also from Lockhead Missile and Space Co. Inc., after 18 years. My wife retired from Hewlett Packard after 23 years. This time we feel that we want to share some recent findings with you regarding our experiences using the Biomat and the Rejuvena 2000SL. We feel that our health and life-style is normal for a 70 years old male and a 62 years old female. My wife’s cholesterol of 254, dropped to 197 after she used the Biomat, and I do not have asthma attacks much anymore.“ Joe D.

Rosaceae, numbness, dark nail
“About 2 years ago, I developed Rosaceae which is an affliction that President Clinton and Princess Diana also contracted. Rosaceae is an involuntary flushing of the face, and a topical prescription or an antibiotic is usually used. I have never had to use the recommended treatments because I started using the Biomat at this time. For over 20 years, I’ve had a lump/tumor on my back that had grown to the size of a lemon. The doctors told me it was nothing to worry about, but they would cut it off if I wanted. Who wants to have an operation if they don’t have to? By using the Biomat, the lump has decreased in size by 80 to 90%. I stubbed my toe during the 8.2 earthquake experienced on Guam about 6 years ago, and the big toe nail on one foot had remained sort of black/dark blue. It returned to normal after about 10 months of using the Biomat because of improved blood circulation which is the basic reason all of my ailments have either improved or been cured. With improved blood circulation, the numbness in my hands and feet has gotten much better, and the number of trips made to the bathroom during the night has been cut in half.“ Lee

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Bio-Mat is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Biomat only claims the statements stated in the 510K of the US FDA.
The human body has self-healing systems with a strong immune system.
The Biomat works as a supportive function in this self-healing process.
These testimonials are only of individual experiences and should not be mistaken as treatment without a physical examination.
These testimonies are from individuals and do not reflect the Biomat general effects.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.

Where and how to use Amethyst Biomat? Prices

Use The Amethyst Biomat at Design Your Wellness studio in Los Gatos

Starting with 8/9/2014, we were happy to be able to introduce the Amethyst Crystal Infrared Therapy Biomat to our wellness studio for the benefit of our clients, especially for reducing pain and strengthening the immune system, serving Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Cupertino, San Jose, Scott’s Valley.

First free 15 minutes session! Call now to schedule: (650) 248-0401


Regular Session (25 min)

  • $27 for a single session
  • $21 a session in a package of 10 sessions- SAVE $60, no expiration date
  • sliding scale available only on 10 session packages ( from $21 to $15/session, expiration date varies).
  • $120 weekly combo pass 5 whole body vibration + 5 Amethyst Infrared Therapy
  • Now you can purchase a single session ($27) or a 10 session package ($210) online:

Private Session (25 min):

  • $37 for a single session
  • $27 a session for a package of 10 – SAVE $100, no expiration date

Use Biomat at home?

You can buy a Biomat for your personal use at home if that is easier for you. Contact us for a test and how to buy it! (650) 248-0401