Welcome to our wellness studio!

“Ioana, you should call the studio “The happiest place on Earth”.  Every time I come here I feel so peaceful and I always feel better after the session, with less pain and more joy of life. M.P. (recovering physically and emotionally from 4 vertebrae spontaneously fractured) San Jose, CA 2018

“Ioana, you gave me my life back. I can do now what I was not able to do 20 years a go. My knee is not hurting anymore. I move easily and I feel stronger then ever.” Parvaneh M., 71 years old and getting younger :), Cupertino, CA 2013

“I’m looking forward to seeing you and getting on the machine. I was so strong for skiing. It was great! I felt no muscle soreness. My husband was amazed at how well I skied, and for so long. He said he could see how strong I was.” Lucille, San Jose, CA

“Ioana Grigore and Design your Wellness Now is responsible for my improvements in my health. I was drawn to this wellness center on a very stressful day, met Ioana, and was blown away by her genuine warmth she had and you can tell quickly she cared about my issues. I have utilized 3 different types of her services now and have referred friends to her location. Design your wellness has helped me manage my stress, weight, and has enabled me to think about things differently and this has helped me with my reactions to anger or stress. Thank you Ioana and Design your wellness now, you have made a difference in my life….” Neil R. San Jose, CA

We are very happy to see you here: it means to us that you are looking and are ready to have more joy and harmony in your life!

We are passionate about empowering people to find their path toward a healthier, more harmonious and happier life!

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The picture above shows the studio in Los Gatos, before I had to it shut down permanently because of lockdown. We are continuing with most of the services that can be performed remotely, for the moment.

I will get directly to what matters. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE if you desire to improve one or more areas in your life, like:

  • overall wellness, sense of well-being
  • look and feel your best, better health (more energy and vitality, younger look, a firmer and more toned body, more flexibly and mobility, better balance, less pain, less inflammation, less toxins, better sleep, stronger bones, better circulation, heart health and more),
  • more youthful, harmonious and happier life (relationships, abundance and/or professional life, handling major life changes)

We are creating an effective and comprehensive system,customized for you to help YOU reach your goals and bring your body and life back to balance.

Our approach includes cutting edge tools like the latest breakthrough in nutrition: Hydrastat nano-glutathione, DNA customized nutrition, Negative ions nutrition, Deep transformation methods (FootZonology, FaceZoning, Healy, Tapping into Wealth). Of course, you can be selective and use only some of our tools and still get great benefits. It is totally up to you how fast you want to achieve your goals.

And a little warning 🙂 , somehow the connection between me and my clients always ends up being a very warm connection like real friends based on respect and appreciation. If you are ready for that please visit our healing studio.

Please fill out the New Client Questionnaire before your appointment.

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