We are very happy to see you here because it means to us that you are looking and ready to have more joy and harmony in your life!

I will get directly to what matters. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE if you desire to improve one or more areas in your life, like:

  • overall wellness, sense of well-being
  • look and feel your best, better health (more energy and vitality, younger look, a firmer and more toned body, more flexibly and mobility, better balance, less pain, less inflammation, less toxins, better sleep, stronger bones, better circulation, heart health and more),
  • more youthful, harmonious and happier life (better relationships, more money and/or more fulfilling professional life, handling major life changes)

We create a simple, customized for you, effective and comprehensive system to help YOU reach your goals and bring your body and life back to balance.

Our approach includes cutting edge tools like customized nutrition, Whole body vibration, Infrared crystals therapy & Deep relaxation methods. Of course, you can be selective and use only some of our tools and still get great benefits. It is totally up to you how fast you want to achieve your goals.

FREE 30 minutes consultation!* To make the best use of your Free 30 min consultation please fill out the New Client Forms before your appointment. Download New Client Questionnaire.  

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(650) 248 0401       ioanaabundance @ gmail.com
Monday to Friday 2-6pm (more hours open soon)
By appointment only (to be able to give our clients our best attention)

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Empowering people to own their path toward a healthier, more harmonious and happier life!
What our clients are saying:
“Ioana, you gave me my life back. I can do now what I was not able to do 20 years a go. My knee is not hurting anymore. I move easily and I feel stronger then ever.” Parvaneh M., 71 years old and getting younger :), Cupertino, CA

 *Consultations longer than 30 min will incur a charge of $45 for each additional 30 min.