Enjoy Foot bath at home

There are some wellness centers around that are providing foot baths for detoxing and to help you feel better, but we not always have time to go to those places. Or we want to add our own essential oil to it, or we just want to enjoy it from the comfort and hygiene of our home.

Our feet are precious for many reasons. Not only that they are faithfully carrying us, but the our body posture and overall health depends on our feet. Energetically, our feet are sending in the environment (Earth) the message of our vibration and our mission, each step we take. Our feet help us ground and let go of unwanted energies. Since I started studying Foot Zonology,  I realized that one of the most important function of our feet is that each cell of our body, each system in our body, each gland and organ in our body have a signal in our feet. With the appropriate knowledge, we can understand from our feet more about our body’s health that using any other system of detection. Feet offers us one of the best way of gently detoxing from toxins, unwanted chemicals and heavy metals and here is where the foot baths are coming handy.

Below are few easy steps that will help you get started:

1: get a little plastic tub. I choose the one above because makes it more fun :). You can choose any tub that fits both feet and you can have warm water covering up your feet.


You can get creative and create a romantic relaxing atmosphere with crystals, Himalayan salt lamps or candles, soothing lights and music.

2: Fill up the plastic tub with pure filtered water (ideally no chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals) on the warm side because you want to open the pores. Add Epson Salts proportional with the amount of water, for the tub above a half of cup will do it. Quality Himalayan salts or sea salt can be used as well, for the benefit of having vital trace minerals.

3: Add essential oils according with the purpose of the foot bath:

  • heavy metal detox: 1-2 drops cilantro, cypress, frankincense
  • chemicals detox: 2-3 drops rosemary, fennel, Siberian fir
  • radiation, x-ray detox: black pepper, Saint John’s Wort
  • relaxation: few drops of lavender, chamomile, rose
  • antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic: eucalyptus, grapefruit (oil of self-care 🙂 )

Personally I like to put maximum 3-5 oils, and repeat 2-3 days later using other oils for different purpose. We don’t want to confuse the body with too many processes in the same time. And for me frankincense is always a must.

4: Enjoy treating your feet for 15-20 minutes in this nurturing and healthy bath. I like to pay attention of the sensation I have during the bath and or course how my feet feel after it. But you can read or meditate as well.

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