Tapping into Wealth


Transform you financial programing and discover the path to empowerment and freedom!

  • Activate your money mind-body connection
  • Liberate yourself and clear all limiting money vows.
  • Get ready to create new wealth.

Margaret M Lynch: “When I saw the magnitude of how this programming was limiting entire generations of hard working people (including myself), I was outraged for all of us. I will not sit by and watch talented people with beautiful dreams be limited by something they are totally unaware of. So I made it my mission to fight to uncover every single bit of limiting money programming and to create a step-by-step map to eliminate it from the minds, emotions and nervous systems of everyone I can. Open your eyes with me and be liberated…free to start creating a whole new level of wealth.”

My experience with Margaret and EFT started long time a go, in 2009, when I was working as an architect and struggling. One morning, around 10am, a 6 minutes video found me and I asked myself: “What do I have to lose?”. Let’s tap along :). Before the video finished my phone rang. It was my landscaping contractor telling me she has a client for me. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, same day, I was in my car with a check in my hand, mesmerized! It can be that easy? In 6 hours, I met the client, he hired me, and paid the down payment for the job. That was the first life changing moment that Eft and Margaret brought into my life!

At the end of 2013, after practicing hundreds of hours of EFT with other programs Margaret created around money, the Tapping into Wealth coaching program was released and I just knew I had to go deeper in my work and start helping others as a coach. The inner work that we had to do as coaches was tremendous and, as Margaret likes to say, liberating! And, of course, nothing is more rewarding for me than helping my clients to release their blockages around money and be able to flourish and create the life of their dreams!!!


The program happens over few sessions/processes which differs in number and duration from person to person. Most sessions run around one hour, except first session, The Money Map Process that, in my experience can take more than even 2 hours, based on each person’s needs.

Even I saw amazing transformation after only one session and clients were able to follow their dreams, my recommendation is to consider having follow up sessions to deepen the release of what limits you and to create a solid foundation for creating a life of financial freedom. Consistency is the key!

The program starts with:

  • The Money Map Process where we look at your relationship with 5 types of money,
  • Process #2 – The earliest money paradigm.
  • Process #3 addresses the Financial Trauma
  • Process #4: Setting outrageous goals
  • Process #5: The goal trauma
  • Process #6: Outrageous goals part 2
  • Process #7: The vows of being invisible


  • $171/1 hour session
  • $150/session – pack of 3,
  • $130/session – pack of 5,

Practitioners are charging $200 to $300/h. We want to help as many people is possible and we set the prices above so anyone can afford healing. We did noticed over the years that the healing a person receives during a powerful session is proportional with the amount invested. We don’t want to limit your healing. You are free to invest as much as you want in your healing. The number of practitioners is limited because Margaret is not teaching this training anymore. You have the opportunity to work with one of the first Tapping into Wealth practitioners in the world!

Disclaimer: Not everyone may experience the same results; we have seen clients getting tremendous transformation in only one session, while others needed 3 to 5 sessions to feel a shift. We don’t diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.


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