Access Consciousness® Biomimetic Mimicry Body Process

The Access® Biomimetic Mimicry Body Process is one of the most dynamic of all 60+ Access Body Processes. It is completely safe for men and women and works in harmony with other procedures. It uses one of the most powerful energies to facilitate life-enhancing shifts that can show up in many ways in your Life, Body and Prosperity. It is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences for your entire self – physical and mental.

Stop functioning on Autopilot and have more choice in life.


  • Undo the programming that keeps things from changing for you
  • Release all the places where you copy or mimic other people’s realities, problems, body issues, including genetic traits, disease/illness, limiting point of view and anything you picked up from family, friends and society
  • Change things into something that contributes to you
  • Empower you to discover your own awareness of different energies
  • Nurtures the potency you have to perceive, know, be and receive.
  • Allows you to be a catalyst for change
  • Gives you a sense of peace that nothing else has ever given you


  • Have hard time receiving?
  • Are you picking up other people’s pains, emotions and/or fears?
  • Are you trying to understand everything?
  • Do you feel that there is more to life?
  • Are you looking for more freedom and choice?

Biomimetic is what you lock into the body trying to duplicate or understand others. It is a natural ability of the body to be able to fit into the rest of the world.

You mimic the same energetic pathways, which create biochemical pathways, which also create the way structure shows up in your body, the way the emotional patterns show up in your life, the way patterns of choice or no choice show up. It’s the intensity or your creative capacity continuously going into mimicking, rather than creating. You mimic others pathways and points of view when you need to understand them from an intellectual or energetic point of view and that requires you to lock the similarities into your body in order to have clarity from your point of view to theirs.

When you see someone who looks older than their age, doesn’t it make you wonder how they did that? That is Biomimetic Mimicry.

This process needs to be done a lot because you have been trying to understand a whole lot of people.

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  • $150/one hour session – single session
  • $130/one hour session – pack of 3,
  • $111/one hour session – pack of 5
  • $111/children session

Practitioners are normally charging $150 to $250/h. We want to help as many people is possible and we set the prices above so anyone can afford healing. We did noticed over the years that the healing a person receives during a powerful session is proportional with the amount invested. We don’t want to limit your healing. You are free to invest as much as you want in your healing, if you feel called to invest more than the prices above.

Disclaimer: Not everyone may experience the same results; we have seen clients getting tremendous relief in only one session, while others need more sessions to feel a shift. We don’t diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.