Succesful aging

What is aging?

What is the difference between a child that is agile, flexible and full of energy and an adult that is slow, tired most of the time, has restricted flexibility and has aches and pains?

The explanation I found for what I will call painful or hard aging is very simple – the conjunctions of 3 interconnected factors:

  1. Accumulation of toxins
  2. Accumulation of inflammation
  3. Accumulation of data, stories

If you are able to maintain the toxin intake, the inflammation in your body and the data (stories) that is constantly coming in at a very low level and only on the positive side and we are able to clear the damage that was previously done, our aging process will be the least pleasant and enjoyable. This is what I call successful aging! The concept of successful aging was first used in 1950 and became more popular in 1980’s.

Let’s take a closer look to how we create painful aging in our lives.

  1. Toxins

How we accumulate toxins? Toxins are all around us: in the food we eat, in the air we breathe, in the cleaning products we use, in the houses we live. I know it sounds discouraging, but bare with me, we have solutions and pretty easy to use.

How we reduce the toxin intake? This step requires a little bit of education in understanding which ingredients are toxic for us and which are safe, but once you are on the path is actually easier then before.

  • Eating organic produce, non GMO as much as we can
  • Taking walks and hikes to areas with clean air,
  • Choosing natural organic cleaning products, steaming, reducing the carpet areas in our houses, clearing the dust often.

How we get ride of the toxins we already have? By regularly cleansing our body with:

  • Simple detoxification methods: drinking water with lemon, cayenne pepper, drinking nettle tea or even fasting a day, etc
  • Regular detoxification: exercising, whole body vibration, hiking, swimming are exceptional methods to include in our routine. Drinking the right amount of water every day is very important in flushing toxins from your body.
  • Advanced detoxification methods: infrared sauna, infrared Biomat amethyst crystals and cold laser. These methods should be used on a regular basis as well, more often at the beginning and than continuing on a maintenance frequency.
  1. Inflammation

How we get inflammation? Causes for inflammation could be:

  • Certain foods (gluten, wheat, diary, nuts, beans, soy) that we are allergic to,
  • Genetics, many of us have genetic predisposition to auto immune reactions.
  • Environmental like mold.
  • Toxins and stress.

How we reduce inflammation?

  • Eliminating foods we are allergic to,
  • Eliminating environmental factors like mold,
  • Taking trips to areas with clean air.
  • Reducing genetics causes: know your DNA & take a supplement custom made for you

This step also requires education and taking action that sometimes is against to what we learned from parents and society.

How we get ride of the inflammation we already have? The detoxification methods described below are very good. They reduce toxin level; move the lymph and that helps reducing inflammation:

  • Infrared biomat amethyst crystals therapy,
  • Whole body vibration
  • Massage
  • Energy healing/Reiki
  1. Data

How we get overwhelmed by data? Data is accumulating during our life time ever since we are born and even before that, during the time we are in the womb. First data that is affecting us later on in life is coming from learning how to be safe and survive in this world and we store that data in our subconscious mind. Later on we use that data in form of subconscious patterns to connect, act and react to people and events. We react to world from the decisions we took when we are very, very young. Every time we use one particular pattern we reinforce it and give it more power, even that pattern may not be useful to our life at that time.

Other sources of data are TV, society, friends and family, school, spending our time around negative people or watching shows that are putting emphasis on fear. Our subconscious mind is implanted with ideas, beliefs and stories from those sources and that data eventually is shaping our reality. The older we are the more data we have and that slows us down. Data, stories, beliefs require energy to run in our subconscious mind and we are getting heavier and heavier the more date we have.

I will give here an example of stories that can dis-empower or empower depending if one believes them or not. My example is Onasis. After the World War II, the number of ships available was much higher than the demand. Everybody was trying to get ride of ships and they knew that if you had a ships you were in troubles because was almost impossible to get ride of it. The belief that “there were too many ships” was considered a fact! But there was a man that thought: Hmm, after the war it is going to be even more commercial exchange than before because now American solders were introduce to merchandise and foods that were only in Europe. He was able to see that belief as what it was just an opinion that many people shared. He acquired every ship he can put his hands on. When everybody was getting ride of ships he was getting them. In two years he was the richest man in the world. How many examples like this we have in the day to day life? How many times we let other people opinions to shape our reality? How many times we don’t allow ourselves to see those as they are: beliefs not reality?

How we reduce data intake? Many will not like this but there is only one way: clean your life!

  • By eliminating negative people in our lives,
  • By changing the books we read to books that empower us and help us rewire our brain toward a more positive attitude
  • By carefully choosing the TV shows we watch, so they will have an empowering effect on us, or not watching TV at all
  • Listen and watch videos and programs that redirect our thinking away from fear toward love
  • Exercise (whole body vibration for 10x results) can have a positive impact here as well by increasing the endorphins and reducing the cortisol levels which will make easier for us to operate from love, confidence and trust
  • Nature walks calm and clean the mind from anxiety and stress.
  • This step requires continue education and taking action that sometimes is against to what we learned from parents and society.


How we get ride of the data and negative programming we already have? There are many programs out there to help with that. I will mention only few that I personally studied:

  • Access Consciousness
  • EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique),
  • Hypnotherapy and Psycho-Therapy,
  • Internally Family System
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • NVC (Non Violent Communication)
  • Martha Beck Life Coaching
  • Family Constellations
  • Energy healing – Reiki
  • Meditation,

In my experience, after trying almost all the methods above for almost 8 years, the Access Consciousness Bars and Energy Healing/Reiki were by far the most efficient, fast and presented the most durable results.

I know that looking to all these it may be discouraging but if you really get into it, you see that are few things that consistently done on a daily or weekly basis we can experience successful aging.

Charles Eugster, 93 years old, body builder, states that successful aging is a matter or

  • Work (keep your mind active)
  • Diet (healthy diet with reduced content of toxins and inflammation)
  • Exercise (very important J)

“Successful aging requires work, diet and exercise. The huge mental and physical potential of the aged remains unexplored. Bodies can now be rebuilt at any age and a new life started. Beauty kings and queens in the 80-year-old category or a beach body at the age of 94 are not impossible. We will all, regardless of age, have to take greater responsibility for our own health in order to confront the immense challenges confronting the human race.” C. Eugster

Personally I like to take things at a different level: What it means aging at a cellular level?

“Mitochondria are the biological engines in your cells that convert fat and sugars into energy and generate most of your body’s energy. There can be a few, hundreds or even thousands of these power generators in each of your cells.

So what happens when your mitochondria themselves age? Well, the same thing as when your flashlight battery begins to run out of power. Everything dims. You become “old”.  As your mitochondria get old, you do too.

So how do mitochondria age?  They became damaged by free radicals and decline in numbers. A study found that muscle tissue from a 90-year-old man contained mitochondria that were 95% damaged while the mitochondria of a 5-year-old showed almost no damage.

As mitochondria get progressively damaged, they die off. As numbers decline, say from hundreds in a cell to a few, of course the energy out put seriously declines.

The effects of this damage and decline in numbers can be devastating. You’ve seen this effect in many aged people. They can be coping with degenerative diseases resulting from free-radical damage to their mitochondrial DNA. Slower, frailer, frequently napping and dozing off, they look at their grandchildren and marvel at their energy. Children have a fresh, undamaged energy system!


  1. CoQ10 (the right form based on your genetic profile ubiquinol/ubiquinone). CoQ10 helps mitochondria make energy. It helps mitochondria generate energy in the form of ATP, the body’s energy molecule. 95% of the human body’s energy is generated this way. CoQ10 also protects mitochondria from damage by free radicals. But here’s the thing. It is impossible to stop all free radical damage—especially in the mitochondrial furnaces which convert food to energy and spew lots of free radicals. So, even with an intake of CoQ10, many mitochondria will eventually become damaged and die.
  2. But, suppose there was a way to generate fresh new mitochondria?! Well, there is. It’s called PQQ, yes, the molecule detected in interstellar dust by a mass spectrograph—not totally surprising as organic molecules and even amino acids have been detected in space.While CoQ10 optimizes the function of mitochondria, PQQ activates genes that control mitochondrial reproductionIn short, PQQ can generate fresh, new, undamaged mitochondria. How amazing is that! Many scientists believe the number of functioning mitochondria can determines how long we live. Having an ongoing supply of new mitochondria can only help!
    So, second for aging well, take PQQ. Like CoQ10, PQQ helps mitochondria make energy, and plays a major role in protecting mitochondria from free radicals–it is up to 5,000 times more efficient in combating these mitochondrial-damaging free radicals than most other antioxidants.  So PQQ is truly a fabulous nutrient! Found in foods such as parsley, green peppers, natto and green tea, PQQ is not only a fabulous nutrient, it is an essential nutrient that your body cannot make it.  You have to ingest it. You can also get PQQ supplements in health food stores, or in the Perfect Shake.
  3. Know your DNA. Many of us have a gene disadvantage that means our DNA can not encode properly for a protein, in this case super oxide dismutase (SOD). SOD plays a major role in protecting mitochondria from free radical damage. DNA customized nutrition will optimize nutritional support for that DNA disadvantage.
    Some of us also have a DNA disadvantage related to the ability to convert CoQ10 to its reduced form, ubiquinol. A survey has shown that many consumers buy the cheaper form of Co-Q10 which can be wrong for their genetics. Again, with a simple cheek swab, that DNA disadvantage can be detected and your nutrition DNA optimized.
  4. Finally, CoQ10 and PQQ together are incredibly powerful combination but not the only nutrients supportive of mitochondria. A combination of alpha lipoic acid, and acetyl L carnitine and biotin is well validated for mitochondrial health.” Linda Crouse, Certified in basic nutrition

The simple solution:

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Healthy supplementation
  3. Exercise
  4. Detoxification from toxins
  5. Detoxification from negative thoughts, negative energy and subconscious programming that is not serving us anymore
Design Your Wellness Now Easy Complete Solution:

1.      Recommendations for healthy diet: what to avoid and what to enjoy

2.      DNA customized nutrition/skin care (including CQ10 for you), The Perfect Shake (PQQ), Fuel, Limu – Fucoidan

3.      Whole Body Vibration – 10 min = 1 hour in the gym (Exercise at 10th power)

4.      Infrared Amethyst Crystal Therapy

5.      Access Consciousness BARS, Facelift and Biomimetic Mimicry Sessions

6.      Energy healing/Reiki


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