We are all architects of our joy!

We are all architects. We design our life experience, through our vibration, consciously or unconsciously. The only area we have the power and duty to design is our vibration.

Therefore we have to constantly bring awareness to our vibration and consciously bring it to higher levels trough emotions like compassion, gratitude and love. The process is better when done slowly, step by step, (acknowledging and healing resistances and old hurts) in order for it to be sustainable.

For example, many people go to workshops and seminars and come back pumped, full of energy and in a high vibration. But in a matter of few days that state starts to fade away because it was not built on a strong and sustainable foundation. And they need another workshop and another seminar and so the roller-coaster starts.

How to build a reliable foundation? It is quite simple but requires determination and diligence. We need to step by step constantly heal and let go (in exactly this order) of any emotional blockages that are pulling us down on the vibration scale. Easy to say, isn’t? It is actually easy to do as well, but it requires not running away from emotional (and even physical) pain, which we are so trained to do. It requires going toward the painful emotion, acknowledging it, looking at it, feeling it and listening to its message. Only after this healing process is done for that emotion, then we can let go of it and create a sustainable and strong foundation for joy vibration. The good news is that, if we are healing emotions and not thoughts, there are not that many and we can feel a difference pretty fast. We have thousands of thoughts coming from one emotion. Trying to find and heal all those thoughts will never end.

After 10 years of experience, my own and with clients, this easy and available method yielded the most sustainable results for people who want to know what they are healing. Those who don’t need to know what they are healing, will get great results with Access Consciousness Bars!

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