Raw milk miracle :)

“The amount of information available on raw  milk exceeds most attention spans. (…) Each item states facts about raw milk that do not hold true for typical pasteurized milk, at least not in substantial equal degrees.

1.  Raw milk is a complete and properly balanced food.  You could live on it exclusively if you had to.
2.  Raw milk contains all 20 amino acids necessary to produce the proteins that keep humans alive.
3.  Raw milk contains ample amounts of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose, or milk sugar.  This means that many lactose-intolerant people can enjoy raw milk without the unpleasant  consequences.
4.  Raw milk contains healthy, life-sustaining fats.
5.  Raw milk from grass-fed cows contains many times as much CLA, a fatty acid that appears to work wonders on the human body, as regular pasteurized milk.
6.  Raw milk contains every vitamin and mineral useful to humans.
7.  Raw milk contains over 60 known functional enzymes that perform a wide variety of important tasks  for the body.
8.  Raw milk contains healthy amounts of the protective/repair substance cholesterol.
9.  Raw milk contains several strains of healthy bacteria that really improve digestion.  Bacteria cultures added to raw milk make it  increasingly beneficial as it ferments into products like yogurt and kefir.
10.  Raw milk has a natural flavor and color that, once tried, is usually preferred.”


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