Where and how to use Amethyst Biomat? Prices

Use The Amethyst Biomat at Design Your Wellness studio in Los Gatos

Starting with 8/9/2014, we were happy to be able to introduce the Amethyst Crystal Infrared Therapy Biomat to our wellness studio for the benefit of our clients, especially for reducing pain and strengthening the immune system, serving Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Cupertino, San Jose, Scott’s Valley.

First free 15 minutes session! Call now to schedule: (650) 248-0401


Regular Session (25 min)

  • $27 for a single session
  • $21 a session in a package of 10 sessions- SAVE $60, no expiration date
  • sliding scale available only on 10 session packages ( from $21 to $15/session, expiration date varies).
  • $120 weekly combo pass 5 whole body vibration + 5 Amethyst Infrared Therapy
  • Now you can purchase a single session ($27) or a 10 session package ($210) online: https://www.paypal.me/designyourwellness


Private Session (25 min):

  • $37 for a single session
  • $27 a session for a package of 10 – SAVE $100, no expiration date

Use Biomat at home?

You can buy a Biomat for your personal use at home if that is easier for you. Contact us for a test and how to buy it! (650) 248-0401