Knee pain
My name is Edgar Louis and I am a certified hypnotherapist helping people with smoking cessation. I meet with Ioana at Design Your Wellness Studio to find out more about how she is helping people and see her studio. She suggested trying the Amethyst Infrared Therapy for my knee that was bothering me. I have an old war injury that was bothering me for years. I got on the chair with the Amethyst Biomat and I felt the pleasant warmth coming from the crystals. When I got up, 25 minutes later, my pain was gone and I felt quite good. That was a surprise; I could not expect such an immediate response. I will definitely do it again to see what else improves. More people need to know about this! Edgar, San Jose, CA

Just got tested for Bartinella (lyme) and I’m completely clear…not even a footprint of the infection…I’ve had the Biomat for about a month…I’ve had lyme for like 15 years and now I’m finally rid of it… Thanks SO MUCH! For those of you who have the lyme infection or one of its myriad forms, please do not hesitate buying a Biomat. Being sick is no fun and this can really make the difference big time! Peter Krauss

Chronic knee pain
My mother Alice says that with the biomat she’ll be pretty close to Wonderland. She sleeps each night on the mini, and her testimony is that at home without it she had to lie in just one position in bed because of severe, chronic knee pain. After one night on the biomat here, the knees were pain free–Hallelujah! Of course I can’t take the biomat away from her–without buying one and having it sent her way. Alice Salyer

“The Biomat has changed my Life” – circulation and blood pressure
I dedicated myself to quiet, stress free, power naps, laying on the Biomat while the Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions detoxed my cells and improved the circulation in my body. My blood pressure is now back to normal and I can once again return to my busy day to day life without fear for my health.

Deep relaxation
This is the best shavasana or deep relaxation that I have ever experienced and is well worth the investment! You will melt into the experience of deep natural healing and emerge renewed. Highly recommended.
Shiva Rea, M.A

Hip Arthritis, Blood pressure, Stress
We had just purchased an Infrared Sauna. My fiancé felt that my massive hip arthritis was due to very high toxicity levels in my body and she was right. I was taking over 100 Ibuprofens a week to eliminate pain in my arthritic hips. After sitting in the Infrared Sauna and sweating for endless hours, boredom set in. It was impossible to get comfortable sitting in the box. Around that time my fiancé received a Biomat Brochure in with a Christmas Card. We interpreted that the Biomat was a Portable Infrared Sauna that could be folded up and stored when not in use. In fact it became much much more. After using the Biomat for three weeks consistently my hip pain dissipated and I was able to get off of the Ibuprofen totally. Also, my blood pressure became reduced and my stress levels went down considerably. I thank Richway and the Biomat Company for making the Biomat and integral part of my life.

“A Triathlete” I have been an aspiring Iron Man contender but never seemed to get over the hump. After training and competition I would be wiped out for days and always would second guess whether I would ever complete one. After purchasing my Biomat I was able to rid my body of all of that lactic acid buildup and be on my way to training the next day. Thank you Biomat.

Insomnia, Pain reduction
Hello, my name is Trish Cobb and I’m from Olde Town, Florida. I learned about the Biomat from Marilyn, my massage therapist. I’ve been seeing her for my back and neck pain and my general insomnia due to pain and stress. On a treatment visit I discovered something different about her massage. I asked her what was different and she mention she was now treating her patients on the Biomat. I asked her all about it and she offered a demo for a week. After one week my insomnia was gone and I was able to sleep all through the night. I also noted a sharp reduction in pain. I purchased the Biomat right away. After six months I’m sleeping deeply throughout the night and can swear the bone spurs have disappeared from my neck. Before the Biomat I couldn’t look straight up at the ceiling from a standing position. Now, I can look straight up, pain free. Thank you Marilyn and the Biomat.

Improved neck
“After a whiplash injury 15 years ago, I had a herniated disc in my neck. My arms would go numb every night to the point where I had to sit up vertically for 30 minutes to get the circulation back.  Sometimes this was 3 times a night.  Using my Biomat pillow while lying on my Biomat, my neck gradually improved to where this no longer happens at all. My doctor concurs that my neck is healed.”

Kidney Malfunction Helped
“I’m 62 years old. My experience using the Biomat is as follows. My kidney was malfunctioning and I was unable to stand up for one week. That’s when my friend invited me to try the Biomat. The first 4 days I didn’t feel a difference, but by the 5th day, I was able to get up and walk by myself. Then I decided to buy one. Now, my kidney is in good shape. Also, the gas pain that bothered me for 15 years disappeared, too. Six specialists from Stanford Hospital, couldn’t cure my gas pain, but the Biomat did. Now, there is no more abdominal pain.“ Marina, California

Fast recovery after training
“Hey Steve! I am so in love with the biomat because it gives my whole body a source of energized heat, that is much needed after coming down from cold, snowy mountain tops. I feel like my muscles relax so quickly that I wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and re-focused for a day of training, competing, or traveling. There is nothing in the world like it, and the benefits seem to be huge. Hannah Teter Silver Medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe 2010 Vancouver, Canada Olympic Games (ed. 2/10)
Gold Medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe 2006 Torino, Italy Olympic Games October, 2009

Recovery after chemotherapy
“Hi Steve, I am noticing huge changes. I am fighting cancer and it helps me recover from chemo much quicker. I also sleep better, and have more energy upon waking. The mat is worth its weight in gold. My husband is also waking up refreshed and has more energy. Thanks,” Tammy Jacksonville, FL February, 2007

Pain, allergies, blood pressure
“My name is Gary, and I am an engineer working in Silicon Valley. At this time, I would like to share some personal benefits regarding my experiences with the use of the Biomat. I feel that my health and life-style is normal for a 59 year old male, who is a smoker, and a non-exerciser. Therefore, my experiences and observations may be similar to those who may fit this profile.
Improvements to my health over this past year are:
Tight knot in middle of back between shoulder blades disappeared after 30 minutes on the mat using a temperature of 70 degrees C. Lower back pain disappeared after sleeping on the mat for three nights, mat temperature at 45 degrees C. Severe neck pain due to stiff neck eliminated after sleeping on the mat and using the Pillow for 7 nights. A foot fungus that has persisted for 8 years disappeared. Biannual allergy (resulting in red blotches on my neck) started to appear, but disappeared without a trace within 2 days.
No longer need to urinate 3 – 4 times in the middle of the night. Cramps in both hands from manual labor have disappeared. Gum problem, which exposed the tooth root healed, surgery canceled. Blood pressure improvement, systolic from 154 to 137, diastolic from 93 to 88. Playing recreational sports results in no stiffness or soreness the next day.
Many of you may not have the minor adult ailments which have bothered me over the years, or perhaps you have more serious issues to deal with. In either case, it is a priceless feeling to experience an improvement to your health, and that is basically why I wanted to share my findings with you.“Gary “Silicon Valley,” California

Endurance, improved performance
“Hi Steve, As a professional athlete, I am always looking for ways to recover quicker and improve my performance.  The bio-mat has allowed me to relax after cold days of training and has given me the ability to tap into endurance I never knew I had.  I know that the bio-mat will be my secret weapon in my quest to be the World Champion!” Willow Koerber 2010 World Champion, 2009 Bronze Medalist UCI Cross Country Mountain Bike World Championships February, 2010

Aches, detox
“My Bio Mat is wonderful. Yes I have noticed a big difference. Less aches in body & lots of detoxification. I am addicted to it.” Joyce J.,January, 2008

Pain, sleep
“That how I feel about the biomat.  It works for me.  My left knee is pain free and I don’t limp.  My lower back feels A LOT better.  I sleep better.  It continues to work very well for me.  If I don’t use it, the pain returns.  Enough said.” Mark F. December, 2009

Flu, pain
“We are loving our Biomat! Thanks for the site information. The day we got the mat and I lay on it, my flu/cough started to heal. I felt my lungs get really warm, and felt better for the first time in a couple of weeks. Am not usually ill, but this was a bad flu. Bill’s and my aches and pains are already much relieved. A couple of my clients have tried it and loved it.
We are very happy we bought it.” Bill and Jan Big Sur, CA May 2007

Pain, relaxation, meditation
“Steve, I’ve had my full sized bio mat for several years now. I use it 2-3 times a week.
It was the only thing that stopped the terrible pain after I broke multiple vertebrae in a car accident. So grateful for it. Also the perfect place for me to meditate…such serenity wrapped in that heat and energy.”
Gloria D. December, 2008

“Steve, I love it, I am sleeping so much better and feel so wonderful and peaceful after I get off the mat. I have not got on the Getting Started info, I will. This is an incredible product. It has also helped me in my meditation, I do not know how to put it into words but what I feel is so different, this affects me the entire day in a very positive manner. Everyone Should Own One!!! Thank-you,” Cheryl G. Princeton, MA April, 2010

Cholesterol, asthma
“My name is Joe, and my wife’s name is Angie. We are both retired. I am retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years, and also from Lockhead Missile and Space Co. Inc., after 18 years. My wife retired from Hewlett Packard after 23 years. This time we feel that we want to share some recent findings with you regarding our experiences using the Biomat and the Rejuvena 2000SL. We feel that our health and life-style is normal for a 70 years old male and a 62 years old female. My wife’s cholesterol of 254, dropped to 197 after she used the Biomat, and I do not have asthma attacks much anymore.“ Joe D.

Rosaceae, numbness, dark nail
“About 2 years ago, I developed Rosaceae which is an affliction that President Clinton and Princess Diana also contracted. Rosaceae is an involuntary flushing of the face, and a topical prescription or an antibiotic is usually used. I have never had to use the recommended treatments because I started using the Biomat at this time. For over 20 years, I’ve had a lump/tumor on my back that had grown to the size of a lemon. The doctors told me it was nothing to worry about, but they would cut it off if I wanted. Who wants to have an operation if they don’t have to? By using the Biomat, the lump has decreased in size by 80 to 90%. I stubbed my toe during the 8.2 earthquake experienced on Guam about 6 years ago, and the big toe nail on one foot had remained sort of black/dark blue. It returned to normal after about 10 months of using the Biomat because of improved blood circulation which is the basic reason all of my ailments have either improved or been cured. With improved blood circulation, the numbness in my hands and feet has gotten much better, and the number of trips made to the bathroom during the night has been cut in half.“ Lee

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Bio-Mat is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Biomat only claims the statements stated in the 510K of the US FDA.
The human body has self-healing systems with a strong immune system.
The Biomat works as a supportive function in this self-healing process.
These testimonials are only of individual experiences and should not be mistaken as treatment without a physical examination.
These testimonies are from individuals and do not reflect the Biomat general effects.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.

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