Foot Zonology – ZoneBalance

Beginnings 🙂 March 2018 I started studying an amazing and powerful balancing technique that helped me tremendously to bring my body back to it’s original balance. I am very excited about studying and I have to be honest the amount of time and effort required to practice and learn it is much more than I thought before I started. I am amazed about my teacher Amber Bodily, about her tenacity and determination in bringing this powerful method in Bay Area. One of the requirements for the exam in October is to do 100 foot zoning. As for now one foot zoning is taking me almost 3 hours to finish but the results I see in the people I practice on are beyond my expectations!!! Worth every moment of tiredness.


“Good morning! I slept wonderful, finally after 2 weeks. I’m so happy. Thank you so much. I feel great.” LM, San Jose

Zone Balance and Bone Structure (Copyright Nordbloom American Institute of FootZonology)

  • Zone Balance makes the body more alkaline which strengthens the bone structure.
  • Zone Balance balances the whole bone structure when working on the ribs and the sternum.
  • Zone Balance increases the uptake of nutrients (hormones, Oxygen, sunshine) to the bones by means of opening the blood supply through the artery Thoratica interna.
  • Zone Balance strengthens the spine by clearing out waste products along the spine and spinal discs
  • Zone Balance strengthens the healthy blood production and the whole bone structure when balancing the cranium, the pelvis bone and the knee.
  • Zone Balance cleans and strengthens the lymph circulation, which is absolutely necessary for a healthy bone structure.