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“If you have never experienced this modality for healing you are mistreating your body. I was not a big fan of energy healing because I just did not understand it…I had to experience it at the hands of an experienced practitioner, Ioana Grigore. My first encounter with it was about 2 years ago and it was done remotely. Ioana was able to relieve abdominal pain so severe that I could not sleep. In 30 minutes without my doing anything, Ioana was able to relieve the pain from her home in Los Altos while I was in Palo Alto.

If this was a one-time success, I might have passed it off as a coincidence. However I have had several more situations since that time where Ioana has done hands on healing for everything from back pain, shoulder pain, inflamed tendons, sudden and very sharp headaches, and breathing difficulties resulting from congestion in the lungs and strep throat.

The healing is very subtle and effective. One treatment is almost always sufficient and the body then takes over to complete the healing process. Even if Ioana does not place her hands on the body but just in close proximity you can feel the healing transfer of energy in the form of heat that radiates from her hands into your body.

You do not have to be a believer in energy healing for Reiki to work for you. You just have to know the difference between dealing with pain and then not having pain. I highly recommend it.”  Larry Capots, Ph.D.

“I had knee pain for more then 20 years. The whole body vibration helped decrease my pain level. But only until Ioana did 10 minutes of Reiki on my knee the pain diminished and never came back. That was 3 months a go.” PM, 71 years old, Cupertino, CA

“Ioana’s Reiki sessions are second to none!
As a person living with many current and chronic injuries, I have had Energy Work(Reiki, Chi Gong, etc..) on me as a natural and holistic healing modality by many nationally and internationally known advanced healers. In true comparison Ioana is just as good if not better as the well known practitioners.
When she does a session she makes you feel valued and cared for and you feel amazing. I always had an immediate release of pain, stress and anxiety and feel much better for an extended period of time afterwards. Ioana has helped so much in curing many physical injuries as well as long time deep psychological wounds…”  Christopher-Patrick Dunning, Los Gatos

“After my first great experience with Ioana doing 10 minutes Reiki on my knee, I decided to get a whole session with her. Besides the sense of peace and calm I experienced after the session, my blood pressure went from 135-147 before to 115-118 after. After a 6 weeks my blood pressure is still under 120 without adding any medication or changing my diet.” PM, 71 years old, Cupertino, CA

“I had been seeing Ioana for total body vibration for a couple of months when I found out she was a Reiki practitioner. I had heard of Reiki before but wasn’t sure how it worked.  I decided to give it a try for some pain and inflammation in my elbow. After two 15 minute sessions the pain in my elbow was reduced and the inflammation was virtually gone. I still don’t know how it works but for me it sure did.” Ross P, San Jose, CA

“I have been seeing Ioana for 6 months approximately mainly for the vibration therapy which has helped a great deal but I also had 2 Reiki hands on treatments & one distance Reiki for my many years of stiff neck with pain & also for my immobility resulting from spinal fractures. I have obtained a great deal of relief for the neck & spine as a result.  With the distance Reiki I could not believe the difference I felt immediately & could move easier & also use stairs. I’m so pleased & would highly recommend Reiki.” Marcia P, San Jose, CA

“In 2011 I was very stressed about a loan I took on 8 years prior to be able to build my house. Through a game of bank abusive hidden fees and currency inflation, after  8 years of paying the loan I was owing more then when I borrowed the money. I was desperate and I was not seeing any way out of this situation in this life time. I felt trapped! There were about 100,000 other people in my situation. Ioana did a long distance Reiki session for me, and next day I just felt more peaceful and somehow I felt I have hope. In a matter of months, the bank I had the loan with was acquired by another bank and the end result for me was that my loan monthly rate went down 30% and they paid back the abusive fee collected for 8 years. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! To be honest, I don’t know how Reiki worked, but I am very happy with my outcome of only one session. Dana B, Bucharest, RO


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