My experience

I want to share my experience with Access Consciousness Bars, that lead to introducing this very powerful, effective and transformational but simple technique in my practice. 

I will start with something that happened to me in 2002. I was in Romania running my business in architecture and, on a beautiful fall day, I was going to one of my clients to see his house that he wanted to remodel. My client was driving and I was in the passenger seat. Another driver was in the middle of the road waiting for an opportunity to make a U-turn. I am not sure what happen, but when we got right in front of her, she started the U-turn and hit our car exactly on my side, affecting the right side of my body, shoulder, collar bone, spine, neck and arm. I experienced physical pain for a couple of weeks and then it subsided. But what was more persistent than the physical pain was the fear that never left me for 12 years. Every time I was in a situation that could lead to the same outcome, I was so fearful that my body was trying to avoid a virtual accident without being able to control my body sudden movements. My fear was very intense and is called Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTS). I was reacting even when there was no a real danger but it looked dangerous to me.

In 2007 I found a very powerful tool that helps with PTS, Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT). I used it for many, many hours to reduce my panic. I got temporary relief, but soon the fear and panic were back. My husband was exasperated with my sudden moves that were scaring him as well. The only time when I was fine was when I was in the back seat or driving.

In 2014, a very good friend of mine recommended the Access Consciousness Bars for another problem I had related with Empathy. I took a day class with Pat Duran and got certified to help my clients with it. During the class I gave and received two bars sessions. My husband came, picked me up and we went to grab something to eat. He was driving and we encountered a situation that normally would have caused a sudden movement in my body to protect my legs from a virtual accident. Nothing. Nothing!!!! No reaction whatsoever! I looked to my husband and I told him: “Do you see what just happen? No reaction!” He said: “This is big!” We couldn’t believe it! The good news is that 4 months later I still have no reaction. You can imagine that I could not be happier J! The fact that I am able to manage my empathic abilities now is the icing on the cake. I had no idea that I would get such an outstanding and lasting result!

I started offering this amazing technique to my clients right away.

A few of the benefits I noticed in my clients:

  • Fear of bumps in the airplane permanently gone, after only one session
  • People are able to handle stress much better, feeling peaceful even in situations that used to stress them intensively.
  • Very relaxed after the session, like after a very good massage, and they also sleep very well.
  • Ability to let go of blockages in the financial area. I noticed that usually happens after 4-5 sessions.
  • Healthy, younger looking
  • Less pain and tightness, more flexibility.

Of course, each person has a different experience and we cannot promise that everybody will get the same benefits. I am curious what your experience will be with Access Consciousness Bars technique.

Disclaimer: Not everyone may experience the same results; we have seen clients getting tremendous PTSD relief in only one session, while others needed 3 to 5 sessions to feel a shift. We don’t diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.