Access Consciousness® BARS

Chris, one of our clients, received 2 Bars sessions in 5 weeks:  “Ioana’s work with this energy modality is absolutely phenomenal, in just two sessions my whole life has experienced a tremendous improvement with my self-esteem and, confidence as well as financially. After a session you will feel completely invigorated and a deep sense of letting  go of old issues and problems that are subconsciously holding you back, with the amazing added bonus of now being aware and conscious of how to live at a much more enjoyable and sustainable level…” Christopher-Patrick Dunning, Los Gatos

Martha, one of our clients,  received a Bars® session and sent us this message, after her 3rd flight, 2 months after the session! “Aloha Ioana, Just landed in Honolulu and want to report that I was calm during the many times of turbulence during our 5 hour flight :). Thank you again!! Much love, Martha W.”

Christina B after only one session:

I had been battling with a big financial loss. The loss was beyond what I could handle. I had many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and regret.
I had seen a handful of therapists and coaches but that really didn’t do much for me. I still felt terrible and experienced a strong underlying anxiety and worry.
I came to Ioana for Access Consciousness Bars out of curiosity. Money and finance have been one of the most embarrassing and vulnerable areas for me. I barely trust anyone to share my problems. I almost have to kill you once you hear it (just kidding but you get the idea).
Ioana deeply cared about me, and I felt comfortable pouring out my heart to her. I felt pure love and genuine care from her.
She explained the process to me, and we had the session. I felt peaceful during the session. When I left, I saw the most beautiful sunset.
I didn’t think much about the session. Strangely, the next night when I went to bed, I noticed that I wasn’t thinking about the financial loss, which had consumed me for at least six months.
The situation hasn’t changed at all, I am still coping with the loss. But I feel a sense of peace and knowing that everything would be okay.
I am so excited about the breakthrough! I can finally make peace with the situation so I have energy to think about something more positive.
I couldn’t recommend Access Consciousness session with Ioana enough.

J.C received two Bars® sessions with 3 weeks in between! “I wanted to let you know that there are 3 areas I feel affected the most by our last session again:

  • I have made some good and interesting progress on some beliefs around money and abundance. Money has become my ‘friend’! That may sound simple, but it was a huge shift for me in my energy field and vibration around money
  • I have not been hungry at all. Hence I have continued not to be going to our kitchen at work to get in between meal snacks! And, I am still very excited at the thought of certain salads I get for lunch on certain days. I’m not hungry or craving food. Also when I went for coffee, I instead got tea after lunch. That’s big. Green Tea.
  • On the male relationship front. Even bigger change. Felt an alignment happen within my self and chakras. I felt open and no blocks towards good male energy. Ended up running into an old friend — well a male friend I used to date when I was at Google. We ended up going to Starbucks to spend some time catching up. It was like we had a nice ‘hello’ given to ourselves. (It was very nice, but I am more interested in meeting someone new. Not create something from my past)”. J.C., San Jose

The Bars® are 32 points on the head that access thoughts, ideas, beliefs, feelings, emotions and considerations stored in our mind. When gently touched, these can easily and effortlessly release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive and helps us let go only to what doesn’t serve us. It is an amazingly nurturing and relaxing experience, undoing limitations in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change. Each Bars® session can help you release many limitations. There’s a Bar for money, control, creativity, aging, sexuality, communication, gratitude, and many more.

It feels like receiving healing and kindness without any judgment. At worst, you feel like you’ve had a great massage. At best, your life can improve beyond your expectations!

How Access Consciousness Bars® can help you?

  • Better sleep and feel more relaxed
  • More energy and mental clarity
  • More ease and joy in your life
  • More peace and calm
  • Receive more and enjoy it
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Less stress, less fear and less mind chatter
  • Heal emotional scars
  • No longer be at the effect of people and external situations, take decisions and act coming from a place of wisdom and peace, not fear.

What if we’re supposed to be happy and joyful all the time? The Access Bars® is opening your life toward ease, joy, exuberant expression and abundance. Get freedom from limiting beliefs, energetic, emotional & mental blockages and allow yourself to live the life you deserve. The Access Bars® have assisted tens of thousands of people worldwide to change many aspects of their bodies and their lives including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress, disabilities and so much more.

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Disclaimer: Not everyone may experience the same results; we have seen clients getting tremendous relief in only one session, while others needed 3 to 5 sessions to feel a shift. We don’t diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.