Access Consciousness ®

Founded by Gary Douglas in 1990 in California and expanding with the added co-creation of Dr. Dain Heer over the last 13 years, Access Consciousness® is now available in 131 countries and has contributed to changing the lives of more than 30 thousand people around the world over the past 25 years. Both Gary and Dr. Dain Heer, are popular guests on many of the talk shows and telesummits that are so abundant these days.

It’s life-changing techniques, tools and processes are designed to empower you to create the life you truly desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access Consciousness® provides step-by-step processes to facilitate more consciousness in every day life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving.

“Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have and more than what you can imagine.

What if you were willing to nurture and care for you? What if you would open the doors to being everything you have decided it is not possible to be? What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are for the possibilities of the world?” Gary Douglas

The invitation to Access is to help you acknowledge you as the infinite being you truly are and to step into generating a life beyond the you, you think you are. As an infinite being you function from infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving. As an infinite being all things are possible all the time and you have total choice.

As a finite being, the tendency is to function from thoughts, feelings and emotions. Access Consciousness® is about unlocking you from polarity, imprisonment, conditioning and limitation of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we are functioning from finiteness we choose to have little choice and limited possibilities.

Polarity keeps us from actually seeing things as they are so that we can’t change what we would like to change. It keeps us functioning from the trauma and drama, the upset and intrigue of this reality. Our addiction to polarity is one of the strongest addictions there is.

One of the greatest tools to unlock from this addiction is to function from allowance. Allowance is where everything is just an interesting point of view.  Allowance lets us become aware of all areas in our life where we are either aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting to any point of view, thoughts, feelings emotions, beliefs, judgments, conclusions or considerations. We can begin to set ourselves free by reminding ourselves that everything we think, feel, believe, judge or have decided  is just an interesting point of view.

Access consciousnesses has more sections. We will explain here the following:

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