Here I will give you few healthier and fulfilling options that can replace the foods we are used to but are not best for our bodies. I will manly post the links from where I order them myself but you can buy them from anywhere you find them.

Wheat free healthy bread ❤ (tasty too)

Coconut Water

The brand that passed our allergy test as being the most clean one is Harmless Harvest. Coconut water is helping our body with many minerals and helps with hydration. You can find it at Whole Foods or order it online at:

Almond Flour Tortillas

Another great grain free healthy choice is Siete Almond Flour Tortilla:


Do you like crackers and want a healthy alternative? Try Organic Gluten-Free Sesame Crackers. Make sure you hydrate well because they feel very dense.



Here I will post links to many powders I recommend for improved nutritional support, in smoothies or with fruit juice:

Black currant:


Dulse: best to use it sprinkled on salads:

Pomegranate powder:

Spirulina powder:

Barley grass:

Beets powder:

Carrots powder:

Blue Green Algae :

Nettle leaf: