DNA customized nutrition

How you choose the right nutrition for you?

There are so many nutritional programs out there, there are so many nutritional products out there, some of them excellent. You go to a health store and see thousands of products.  How do you know what to take, what to buy? How do you know that what you buy is the right product for your body and gives you the right amount of that particular nutrient? How do you know that your body is able to use those nutrients?

3 days after ingestion…

That was my question for many years. Took me 10 years of trial and error to figure out how much Calcium and Vitamin D my body needs.  The type and quantity that worked for others it didn’t work for me.  When I got my DNA report and I saw my body ability to use the Vitamin D, everything became clear! What about CoQ10? Or Selenium? Or Folic Acid? Or other vital ingredients that our body needs?

What does your cabinet look like?

What does your cabinet look like?

Do you have 10 years to figure out? Sometimes not even 20 years are enough when you are guessing!

The guessing game ended for me in 2009. Now I use my body to tell me what it needs and I get a solution made for my body by my body, customized on my own DNA. The improvements I experienced in my health are amazing in areas where nothing else helped  before.


Know Your DNA
Many of us have a variation in our DNA code which means that our DNA does not code properly for an enzyme related to folic acid. This variation can mean we may need more folic acid and/or a different form of it. Inadequate folate can profoundly affect our health, including our DNA repair.

It makes sense: know your DNA through a simple swab test, and get your nutrition customized to be optimum for this and other disadvantaged DNA variations. These variations can interfere with your ability to age healthily and well, and who wants that?

So whether eating vitamin B rich foods, taking a B complex supplement, looking at your DNA and matching your nutrition to detected problems, the good news is we can now do something about our DNA. How awesome is that?

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