New!!! DNA health nutritional assessment and DNA customized nutrition available now!

Founded in 1994, Genelink BioSciences is a biotech company that developed direct-to-consumer tests that can safely and cost-effectively identify key SNPs on your genes. Genelink developed also the ability to match those SNPs on your genes with key dietary ingredients that can beneficially support the effects those SNPs have on optimal health. These supplements now can be formulated exclusively for your unique genetic makeup — from your very own, personal, genetic information!

The story of DNA customized nutrition started long time a go, with Dr. Ricciardi, DNA pioneer and founder of GeneLink BioSciences. Dr Ricciardi, impressed with his sister’s Down Syndrome,  at a very young age, decided to find out how something so small like a chromosome can have such a big impact on a human being. All his work and studies led him to discovering health improvements through DNA. He participated to the Human Genome Project, being one of the few people that made possible the whole DNA revolution that we see today and we will experience in the next few decades.





The scientific advisory board 2012
For more information about GeneLink BioSciences click here.The scientific advisory board accumulates more than 100 collective years of genetic and medicine studies, over 600 peer-reviewed articles, 21 patents and patent pending technologies.
The company that bring these products to the market is called FORU.
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